Aptitude Papers English Questions 2021- (Part 10 of 11)

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The exam had three sets-X, Y, Z i got Z which was the toughest

section A was english.

there was paragraph making which i cud not do it was very tough, so i guessed the answers and hoped atleast few hits the target the RC had a passage from pg 99 of barons, i had practiced all the barrons RC aand it helped.

i wud recommend the same for all as if u hv practiced the RC it saves a lot of time and TCS keeps repeating the RC from Barrons. Infact instead of remembering all th ewords from barrons its better to remember all the RCs as u will get 6 marks without wasting ne time whereas others may hv to waste 15 − 20 mins on RC

aptitute was easy, just do ne previous yr question, they repeat the same questions again and again, infact just remember all the answers as i had done, i helps________

And yes there were few wrong questions and u need not waste time on them

Critical reasoning was from 12th edition Barrons model test papers________

toll brigde prob

red and brown marriage

All A՚s is B՚s________

THE interview from a cool affair________

  • First was tell me something abt urself: Ans > blah blah
  • write the code for bubble sort answer: Wich i wrote
  • then he asked me wats function overloading, function overriding, function signature, virtual function________
  • difference b/w public, protected and private
  • diff b/w yagi-uda and normal anteena
  • BW range of FM
  • wat r cipher and encryption (my project was on nt security)
  • wats a IC
  • truth table of XOR gate and its apllication (ADDER ckt)
  • wats i/p bias current

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