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Verbal Ability

Find out the error, if any, in the following sentences and make the letter of that part of the sentence; if no error is found, mark ‘e.’

57) Three hundred (a) / youths (b) / are held (c) for late night party in Pune. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: e) No error

Explanation: There is no error in this sentence. Most students think that there might be an error in the second part of the sentence. The abstract noun ‘youth’ can also be used as a common noun, meaning ‘a young man;’ hence plural- ‘youths.’

58) O. U is one of the six universities (a) / in the country (b) / which has bagged (c) / a coveted status during the XI plan. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: c) a coveted status during the XI plan

Explanation: The error lies in the third part of the sentence. Instead of the helping verb- ‘has,’ the plural helping verb ‘have’ should be used. The conjunction ‘which,’ also a relative pronoun refers to the second part of the subject ‘six universities’ which is plural.

59) Sandeep Patil, former India all – rounder, (a) /has been appointed as (b) / chairman of the senior selection committee (c) / for a maximum period of 4 years to be renewed by the BCCI (d) /No error (e) .

Answer: b) chairman of the senior selection committee

Explanation: Somebody is appointed, but not appointed ‘as’ - which gives the meaning that he is just acting ‘as’ somebody.

60) Sachin can skip the odd tournament, (a) / junk the pointless one-day series (b) / and will preserve himself (c) / for the better contests. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: b) and will preserve himself

Explanation: This is a good example for ‘Parallelism’ which means, the verb should be in the same tense when a particular sequence of events is presented. The sequence of tense should be - can skip, (can) junk, and (can) preserve. The helping verb ‘will’ be wrongly used.

61) Coconut water is always (a) / preferable than (b) / coke or (c) / any other soft drink. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: b) coke or

Explanation: ‘Preferable’ always takes ‘to’ but not ‘than.’ E. g. : Milk is always preferable to tea.

62) Hundreds of people (a) / died in the earth quake (b) / that occurred (c) / in Japan recently. (d) / No error (e)

Answer: b) that occurred

Explanation: People are ‘killed’ in an accident; ‘die’ is used for natural deaths: ‘assassination’ is used for political killing. Dying in an Earth Quake is not a natural death; Earth quake is a disaster. There won՚t be natural disasters; but only disasters. If only a person dies of ill health and old age, then it is a natural death.

People are killed in accidents and disasters.

63) Before giving (a) / milk to baby, (b) / it should be (c) / properly boiled (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: c) properly boiled

Explanation: What should be ‘boiled’ ? Is it the baby or the bottle? For baby also, the pronoun ‘it is used the bottle should be used in the place of’ it.

64) The political parties (a) / are just playing a big game (b) / of blaming each other (c) / about Telangana issue. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: c) about Telangana issue

Explanation: ‘Each other’ is used when there are only two persons; ‘’ one another is used when there are more than two persons.

65) The president and chairman (a) / of the college (b) / visit (c) / the hostels tomorrow. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: (c) the hostels tomorrow

Explanation: In this sentence ‘the president’ and ‘chairman’ are only one person- they are not two as article ‘the’ is only once used. If the definite article ‘the’ is used with the ‘chairman’ also, then they are two. Hence the verb should be singular – ‘visits.’

66) Sri Krishna committee (a) / comprises of (b) / many members (c) / from different fields. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: (b) many members

Explanation: The verb ‘comprises’ never takes the preposition ‘of.’

67) The Ambanies (a) / are separated (b) / and got united (c) / for the development of their business (d) / nor error.

Answer: (c) for the development of their business

Explanation: There is no error in this sentence. Students would get a doubt whether ‘the’ can be used before a proper noun ‘Ambanis;’ it can be used when the plural name refers to a popular family- e. g. The Bacchans, the Tatas, the Birlas …

68) Team India have played (a) / wonderfully (b) / under the captaincy of M. S. Dhoni (c) / in many a match. (d) / No error (e) .

Answer: e) No error

Explanation: No error. Team India is mostly used with a plural verb rather than singular- hence, the helping verb ‘have’ is appropriate.

Find the antonyms of the words underlined in the sentences given below with the help of the choices.

69) Full moon enhances your qualities.

a) Heightens

b) Dwindles

c) Encourages

d) Impairs

Answer: a) Heightens

Explanation: The verb ‘enhance’ means - increase, augment, boost. Hence the opposite ‘Dwindle’ is correct.

70) Monsoon brings in bucket full of woes to the city dwellers.

a) tribulations

b) opportunities

c) wishes

d) problems

Answer: b) opportunities

Explanation: The noun ‘woe’ means -- sorrow, distress, trouble, and grief. Hence ‘opportunity’ is the appropriate antonym.

71) High cost of the buses seldom deters the travelers from buying tickets in the last moment.

a) Usually

b) Repeatedly

c) Often

d) Rarely

Answer: c) Often

Explanation: ‘Seldom’ means- rarely, infrequently, hardly ever, hence the opposite is - ‘often.’

72) Anjali, Sachin՚s wife is ________ him by four years.

The appropriate comparative degree in the blank is

a) Elder than

b) Elder to

c) Older than

d) Older to

Answer: b) Elder to

Explanation: The adverb ‘elder’ takes ‘to’ but not ‘than;’ ‘older’ is used for the members of the family only.

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