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73) Which of the following sentences is an appropriate expression –

a) Cuba declares Good Friday a holiday at Pope՚s request.

b) Cuba declares Good Friday as a holiday at Pope՚s request.

c) Cuba has declared Good Friday as a holiday at the request of Pope.

d) Cuba has declared Good Friday as the holiday at the request of the Pope.

Answer: a) Cuba declares Good Friday a holiday at Pope՚s request.

Explanation: Excepting in the first sentence, in the rest of the sentences, the verb ′ declare ′ has taken ′ as ′ which cannot be used. E. g. UNO declared Dec ′ 10 a Human Rights Day but not ′ as ′ a Human Rights Day.

74) One the eve of Republic day last year, an additional distinct collector ________ alive by a gang.

Which of the following verb forms fits in the blank?

a) Was burnt

b) Had burnt

c) Has been burnt

d) Had been burnt

Answer: a) Was burnt

Explanation: The appropriate tense is ‘past tense’ - as it had happened in the past.

75) The adjective and the adverb forms of the word – ‘fast’ respectively are –

a) Fast – fastly

b) Fastness – fastly

c) Fast – fast

d) Fastly – fast

Answer: c) Fast – fast

Explanation: The adverb as well as adjective forms of ″ fast is-fast ′ only. There is no adverb such as ′ fastly. ′

76) Have you seen the film Titanic in 3D?

The best reply would be –

a) Yes, I have

b) No, I didn՚t

c) No, I had not seen

d) Yes, I had

Answer: c) No, I had not seen

Explanation: The tense in the question is ′ present perfect. Hence the reply should also be in the same tense.

77) it՚s high time that we had our lunch.

What can be inferred from the above sentence?

a) They had their lunch already.

b) Since it is already late, they wish to have their lunch immediately.

c) It is a very long time since they had their lunch.

d) None of the above.

Answer: b) Since it is already late, they wish to have their lunch immediately.

Explanation: The phrase ′ it ′ s time ′ or ′ it ′ s high time ′ followed by ′ that takes a past tense and it means - it ′ s already late; beyond time.

78) Gabber Singh՚s uniform offends Police officers.

Complete the sentence with the right question tag –

a) Does it?

b) doesn՚t it?

c) hasn՚t it?

d) won՚t it?

Answer: b) doesn՚t it?

Explanation: When the sentence is in ′ positive, ′ the tag must be ′ negative ′ and when the sentence is ′ negative, ′ the tag must be positive. ′ Of course, some exceptions are there.

79) Business people and politicians are the best examples for getting along with anybody when the situation demands.

a) Creating enmity

b) Finding friendship

c) Criticizing

d) Fighting

Answer: b) Finding friendship

Explanation: The phrasal verb ‘getting along with’ means - finding friendship.

80) Some film stars get around paying taxes through their unscrupulous accountants.

(Asked in TCS)

a) Try to avoid taxes

b) Honestly pay taxes

c) Try to influences the officials

d) Try to bribe the officials

Answer: a) Try to avoid taxes

Explanation: The phrasal verb - ‘get around’ means ‘avoiding taxes.’

81) Rohit Sharma Set the Thames on fire in the 2nd ODI match between India and Australia.

a) Performed outstandingly

b) Performed dismally

c) All of the above

d) Behaved Humorously

e) All of the above

Answer: a) Performed outstandingly

Explanation: The idiom ‘set the Thames on fire’ means - to do something extraordinarily.

82) Many youths, studying engineering, go not hesitate to roll in money.

(Asked in AAI)

a) Spend lavishly

b) Be luxurious

c) Adore money

d) Borrow money irresponsibly

Answer: a) Spend lavishly

Explanation: The idiom ‘role in money’ means spending abundantly.

83) Air India pilots have put off their strike indefinitely.

a) Cancelled

b) Advanced

c) Prolonged

d) Postponed

Answer: d) Postponed

Explanation: The phrasal verb ‘put off’ means postponement.

Find out the correct prepositions of the following sentences –

84) The Vice – Chancellors will be asked to prevent political tensions ________ the campuses in the state.

a) in

b) at

c) on

d) of

Answer: c) on

Explanation: The preposition ‘on’ is used for campus; ‘in’ is wrong.

85) Oil and other commodity markets zoomed ________ stratospheric heights.

a) to

b) at

c) in

d) for

Answer: a) to

86) Miami University conferred honorary doctorate ________ the Oscar winning musician A. R. Rahaman.

a) On

b) For

c) At

d) To

Answer: a) On

Explanation: The verb ‘confer’ takes the preposition ‘on’ or ‘upon,’ but not ‘to’ - there is no such rule as - for persons ‘to’ should be used and for animals and things ‘on’ or ‘upon’ be used. To ‘confer’ is to give an official title, honour, or advantage to someone – confer something (on/upon somebody) to give somebody an award, a university degree, or a particular honour or right – An honorary degree was conferred on him by Oxford University in 2009.

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