Aptitude Papers Numerical Aptitude Questions Infosys 08 July 2006 Tamilnadu

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As usual 1 hr for puzzles

30 min for english test.

Questions are

  1. There are 27 Cigarrete from each Cigarrete he used to smoke only rd and remaining is . So from 3 butts make 1full ciger finally how many ciger he smoke. ANS: 40 ciger.
  2. There are some apple if it arranged 3,5, 7,9 rows get 1 reminder but if it is arranged 11 no reminder. How many apples are there? ANS: 946 sol (3 ⚹ 5 ⚹ 7 ⚹ 9) + 1 = 946
  3. repeated temperature sum ANS: 2, 1,1, 2,3
  4. four people 4 job (police, druggest, grocer, butcher) , find their job (easy one)
  5. There are 4 enclosure a man count the sheep and write it in other languge 75as! @ ~225as (something) 183as (! ~) like that then ~! @ what is this? ANS: i don՚t know (repeated question)
  6. some jewells diamond, ruby, opal, ________ totaly 7 right and left windows are there u have to place each side accordind to the condition given 4 questions each 2 marks (Easy one only) .
  7. In a family son age is 5 times daughter, wife age is 5 times daughter age, father is 2 times wife, summation of all their age is 81 find son age? ANS: 5 yrs
  8. speed problem forward journey is 10m/hr, return journey is 15m/hr fine avg speed? ANS: 12 m/hr
  9. and 10th are simple one (repeated one) .

so friends for infy written previous que is enough.

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