Aptitude Papers Numerical Aptitude Questions Satyam Paper 16 Jan 2006 Hyderabad

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  1. seating arrangement. The question goes on like this. There were 6 persons a, b, d, e, k, p standing in a row. b is between d and p. e sits between a and k. k doesnot sit after d and a doesnot sit after p and d. The question was: Who were on the extreeme ends of the row.

  2. It was on number series. 24, 48, 30, 60, 36, 42, 84.

  3. Even this was on number series: 35, 25, 49, 35, 63, 45, 55

  4. This was on ratio and proportion. A tin contains alchol and water in the ratio 7: 9. First 20% of the alchol was removed and the tin is filled with water. Again another 10% of alchol was removed and the tin is filled with water. Now how much more alchol must me removed so that the resultant mixture is the ration of 5: 3 (numbers are not same but model is this)

  5. This is on numbers: When n is divided by 2 it gives quotient of u and remainder 1. When the same number n is divided by 5 it gives quotient v and remainder 3. So which of the following is correct: 3n + 4 = 3 (equations with u, v and n) something like this 3 more options are given. We have to find the correct realtion between:

  6. This was on Blood realtion: i dont remeber the qn.

  7. this was on calender: If jan 5th 2006 is wednesday. What day does july 4th 1807.

  8. One problem on Compound interest.

  9. This is on ratios: a bag contains one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise conis in the ration 2.5: 3: 4. amounting to Rs. 210. Find the number of coins of one rupee.

  10. this was on probability: Multiples of 6 or 8 between 1 to 99. What is the probability that a number selected was a multiple.

  11. one problem on areas: This is quite different. A goat is tied to a rectagle with 12 * 8 mts long. And a goat is tied with a rope of length 10mts to one corner of the rectange. The goat cannot enter into rectangle. Find out the area the goat can graze.

  12. Averages: The average 10 members is 15665. If 2 members have 20000. Then what is the average of remaning?

  13. ratios: If the ratio of 3 numbers are 3: 4: 5 (not exactly same). Then which of the following have the same ratio as this: 144: 687: 456?

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