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TIPS to Use Job Sites

Job sites like Naukri. com, Monster. com, and TimesJobs. com are popular websites for searching and applying for jobs. These website are now serving as a database to all the recruiters and HRs who want to recruit candidates. You can get calls from recruiters if you utilize these sites effectively. The following the most important tips to use while applying for Jobs in jobs sites.

1. Update your resume regularly, on a daily basis. Upload your resume with minor changes. This way, your profile gets updated automatically. Timing for updating your resume is more important. You may surely expect to get a call from a recruiter if you update your resume between 12 am to 5 am.

2. Do not mention your expected salary. Quoting above or below the market standards will simply lead to the rejection of the resume. You can negotiate the salary details during the HR round of your interview, if you are called for one.

3. Recruiters search for candidates based on various parameters. So the more information you enter in your profile the more are the chances that your resume shows up. Make sure your profile completeness bar displays close to 100 % .

4. Make sure your profile summary explains about your skills, competencies and your objectives in precise.

5. Resume Headline needs to reflect your skills and experience to catch the attention of a recruiter. The more precise it is, the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters.

Some of the wrong titles include,


Krishna՚s Resume.



Experienced in software industry.

Some of interesting Resume titles includes,

Sun Certified Java Programmer.

Microsoft Certified Professional.

Certified in Digital and analog VLSI Design.

6. The e-mail ID you use for applying jobs should be professional. For example, if your name is John Gosling you can have the professional email IDs as

johngosling@example. com, john. gosling@example. com, john_gosling@example. com, etc.

Such e-mail IDs appear professional and would impress the employers as they describe the complete name of the applicant and not his/her nick names or any other words. You can use the number in combination with the alphabets for representing your email! ID. For example, you can usejohngosling1@example. com, johngosling05@example. com, etc. E-mail IDs with date of birth of the candidate will not make any sense, will make any sense, and will make employer think that you are unprofessional. Also using random numbers or jumbled alphabets makes the E-mail ID appear as spam.

7. Make sure you verify your contact details. Recruiters do not contact candidates with unverified contact details. If your email and mobile numbers are verified then your chances of getting calls from recruiters is more.

8. Utilize video resumes. A video resume is just one more way to stand out to employers. It is a supplement to your resume. Video resumes allow job seekers to showcase some of their personalities and highlight one or two points of interest in their resumes.

9. Utilize job alerts. Most job boards have features that allow you to sign up to receive e-mail alerts about newly available jobs that match your chosen criteria.

10. Customize your resume for every company. Know the company and read the job description, the skills they information. By customizing your resume based on that information. By customizing your resume for each company, you are highlighting the skills and personalities the company is looking for in a candidate.

11. Ensure that there are no differences between online profile and resume that you upload. Upload resume in MS word format as it is most widely accepted.

12. Never make factual mistakes. Preview before posting, especially things like date of birth, contact details etc.

13. Enter the right key skills. Write your Technical skills, soft skills, tools, certificates, technologies, databases, programming languages that you used in final year project and academics.

14. Set the Profile Visibility. Give yourself the option of selecting your resume՚s visibility based on your job requirement. Select “Active” as you are currently looking for a job.

15. Apply only once for a particular notification. There is an option to hide those jobs for which you have already applied.

16. Broaden your job search by using all relevant technologies, tools designations etc. of your field as keywords. For example the relevant keywords in IT field are those related to programming languages, OOPS, Database, Testing, Android, iPhone and designations like junior developer, database administrator etc. Make a list of all such key words prior to your search.

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