GD Interview Group Discussion: Critical Success Factors in a GD

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Cognitive skills or knowledge:

The most important aspect of your contribution to a GD is the quality of content (QOC) , which is reflected in the points you make, knowledge of the relevant subject, and the supportive examples you give.

Comprehension of the core idea:

It is essential to deliver high quality content. But to do that, you should speak on the topic and not deviate. The panel basically wants to see whether you have identified the crux of the problem and whether you are offering relevant solutions.

Logical reasoning:

It includes understanding the topic, generating quality arguments, analysis and a progressive approach to a justifiable conclusion. This is one of the necessary attributes to be seen in an influential participant. Such people convey an impression of being open minded and logic driven rather than opinionated.

Behavioral and personality skills:

This includes certain attributes like rapport-building, team membership, participation, patience, assertion and accommodation, amenability, leadership, etc.

Communication skills:

You should be able to articulate your thoughts properly and you should also be able to understand what others are trying to say.

Clarity of thoughts:

In whatever you say, follow a logical sequence/order rather then presenting the points in some bits and pieces.

Body language and eye contact:

These are some tools which check your level of confidence and whether you can work together effectively in a group or not. So, be sure to maintain eye contact with everyone in the group.

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