GD Interview Group Discussion: GD Social Topics

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  1. The Internet chains have come on the wings of science and technology but are no less restrictive for all that.
  2. Secularism has become a tool to justify the wrongs done by the minorities.
  3. Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media?
  4. To fight AIDs, stop being coy about sex education.
  5. What should India strive for-Westernization or modernization? Social Topics:
    1. Are Big Dams Necessary?
    2. Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
    3. A Gandhian State selling liquor is an anomaly
    4. Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.
    5. Our Culture is Decaying
    6. We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
    7. The education system needs serious reforms
    8. The impact of MTV on our psyche
    9. Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.
    10. Let us legalise gambling

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