GD Interview Group Discussion: GD How to prepare

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Taking it as it comes ′ is certainly not the right approach towards something as critical as a GD. If you wait till you get a call, you will not be left with any time to prepare at all. You need to understand that most students would have started their GD preparation already. By clearing the written test, you have cleared just one hurdle. From now on, the competition becomes stiffer, as each student who receives a call is as motivated as you to get into a top B-School.

To improve your knowledge, read a general newspaper and a business newspaper everyday to keep abreast of current events and business-related news. You should also make it a point to read one general magazine and one business magazine to supplement newspaper reading. In the different articles that you read, concentrate on the core part of the issue rather than dwelling on its superficial aspects. Make regular notes on each article you read and try to convert them into points. This will help you remember them better. Always make it a point to read articles that cover a range of issues to increase your knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Avoid sticking to articles whose core issues you are already comfortable with:

If you are not doing this already, get cracking immediately!

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