GD Interview Group Discussion: How to Analyze a GD Topic

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While speaking on given topic it is necessary to analyze the topic considering its salient aspects and finding out a well reasoned solution. One must think of sound arguments in support of one՚s point of view and a logical presentation of them. It is necessary to consider the pros and cons of the given problem. Use of available information including those of others is important. Synthesizing different points of view and answering them in such a way as supportive of one՚s case is talent which must be cultivated. Considering an issue or a problem in a broader angle putting the immediate concerns in broader issues, thereby displaying the extent of knowledge is a successful technique. But one ought to be careful without becoming irrelevant or boastful.

Avoiding any repetition of ideas or arguments is important. Keeping within the scope of the given subject one must contribute towards rising the intellectual level of the discussion.

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