GD Interview Group Discussion: How to Generate Ideas in the GD

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Some of the approaches that will help you generate points in a GD are:

Key Word Approach

In any GD topic, there will be keywords that are loaded with meaning and open to interpretation. You should use these words to derive points to discuss.

Viewpoints of Affected Parties

The group should look at the pros and cons of the topic, and try to bring forth their views on the parties which would probably be affected by any decision (adverse or otherwise) taken.

Socio-cultural, Political, Economic, Legal, and Technological angles to the given topic

Students should analyze a given topic using multiple angles.

Students should bear in mind that it may not be possible to use each of the above mentioned approaches in isolation for every topic. They should try using a combination of approaches in order to generate the maximum number of points that they can use effectively in a Group Discussion.

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