GD Interview Group Discussion: How to Prepare for GD

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Group discussion is an important dimension of the job selection process. In today՚s context, the organizations are interested in team players rather than individual contributors even if they are excellent performers by themselves.

Employers during group discussion evaluate the candidates ′ potential to be a leader and also his/her ability to work in teams. Normally group discussions are used in the selection process for management trainees and executive positions. Employers are looking for candidates who have potential to be executives and to lead teams of people.

What the panel looks for?

All that one observes in a GD can be categorized into two broad areas: The Content and the Process.

The content is all about the matteR ′ (or the what ′ ) spoken in the GD. Whereas, the process refers to the how ′ when ′ and why ′ of the GD.

Both are equally important and need adequate attention at all stages.

A high quality contribution with no regard to the process ′ is as suicidal as one which is high on packaging with little content.

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