GD Interview Group Discussion: What to Do for Selection

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No1 (Comments at two stages of one՚s participation)

Beginning: No1 has displayed excellent leadership ability and handled an explosive situation with tact and understanding. He has found an acceptable and workable solution by displaying excellent resourcefulness. He avoided an open split and confrontation by voluntarily surrendering the privilege of being got elected as chairman by majority vote. Thus he has given greater importance to group needs than for his own selfish requirements. He also won 7 by persuasion and by personal example.

Ending: A brilliant and outstanding exposition presented by No1 in admirable and extremely convincing manner. His approach is objective and balanced. This candidate, who had displayed consistently remarkable leadership qualities and coordinating ability earlier, now reveals intellectual maturity, balanced judgement and excellent power of persuasion. Socially he is well adjusted and has the resourcefulness to cope with difficult individuals and situations. To sum up, he is an outstanding candidate with high level of leadership qualities. He is specially commended and selected with top rating.

No3 is an intelligent, imaginative and dynamic leader. His approach has throughout been positive and constructive He is also able to get along well and harmoniously with all. He can judge and assess others correctly and wins over everyone with tact and understanding. His enterprising attitude, keenness to shoulder responsibility and capacity to compromise successfully with crisis and obstacles enable him to establish himself as the natural leader. In this group he is the outstanding coordinator and leader. He is selected with top grading No3 has grasped the subject very well and explained its scope very lucidly. He hs gone about his task with a purpose, plan and system, revealing organization and method. He spoke to the point and made a strong impact on the group. He is decisive, enterprising and takes reasonable risks. We saw that he took a prominent part during the early stages and made useful contribution. He has good material and selected with high grading.

No 4 has readily and cheerfully accepted the responsibility and made good use of the opportunity given to him. He has consistently been displaying initiative, drive, enterprise and imagination. Now he has known excellent grasp of the subject and explained facts of a sensitive nature in an easy and effortless manner. He has created a very strong and favorable impact on the group with his conduct, ideas and example. As was shown by No3, the group is eager to hear him further. But as a disciplined organiser and planner, No4 wants the discussion to proceed as decided earlier. He is more team oriented and keen to promote group activity. His approach is positive and contribution constructive. He has displayed high degree of leadership throughout. Selected with high rank rating.

No 7 displayed initiative, urge and drive and shouldered full responsibility to launch the group on its objective. He is gifted in all spheres-intellectual, organisational, dynamic and social. He has extensive knowledge. He has pressed his case from a new angle and succeeded fully in carrying the audience with him. He is bold and faces the challenge with courage and determination, intelligence and imagination. Selected and accorded top rating.

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