Mock Interview with Body Language, Do You Have Any Questions

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Can You Please Tell Me About the Kind

Good Answer:

1. Can you please tell me about the kind of training we would be given to a fresher before we are allocated to our projects?

2. What aspirations do you have for my role in the company?

3. What qualities does someone need for this role?

Body Language Observation:

  • When you are asked this question, simply don՚t say, ‘I don՚t have any Questions’ . Come prepared with a few good questions about the position and your responsibilities. Also, you highlight your ability to analyze and think quickly on your feet by posing questions about key issues that emerge during the interview.
  • Say ‘Thank You’ gracefully at the end of the interview for interviewing.
Do I Have to Work Long Hours

Bad Answer:

1. Do I have to work long hours?

2. What is the leave policy of the company?

3. What are the services offered by the company?

4. Are you married?

Body Language Observation:

  • Looking constantly downwards/upwards makes you appear insincere or submissive.
  • Avoid short/irrelevant/answers for interview questions.

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