HR Interview, Know the Reasons for Failure in Interviews

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Reasons for Failure in Interviews

First Impressions-an interview may fail at the very first minutes. The interviewer draws the impression about the candidate in the first 30 seconds of the meeting. It takes an interviewer less than 10 minutes to decide whether the candidate is hired or not. The rest of the time is spent in ensuring whether that judgment was right. It is hence, very important to project a positive impact in the mind of the interviewer and make a good first impression. let՚s look at the very first bad impressions people usually make:

1) Being late. Rushing in at the last minute or arriving late to the interview.

2) A sloppy outfit, uncombed hair, excess make up etc. are signals that you don՚t care much about the interview.

3) Speaking rudely or loudly with the people at the reception and your peers.

4) Not greeting the interviewer or introducing yourself.

5) Not maintaining basic etiquette like walking into the room without knocking or sitting before being asked to.

6) Taking calls on your cell phone, frequently checking your phone, looking at your watch or getting distracted.

7) Yawning or indicating that you are tired.

8) Not asking questions or giving monosyllabic answers

9) Talking ill about your faculty. The employer will arrive immediately at a conclusion that this candidate is not prepared or serious about the job-they may even perceive that he/she will create problems if hired.

10) Not knowing about the job or what the company does or uncertain about roles and responsibilities.

11) Unable to explain about yourself and your skills.

12) Giving vague or incomplete answers. Example, if the question to you is ‘What is your best skill’ , do not say ‘skills are very important. They have to be learnt well. Nowadays, there are many institutes for learning skills’ (No connection to the question) .

13) Not getting a copy or resume or other testimonials.

14) Not remembering the reference՚s name or designation when asked for.

15) Being overconfident or over friendly or getting personal or talking mighty high about you.

16) Being extremely humble, for example, bowing your head for every answer, hunching your back, folding your hands etc. This express your lack of self-confidence and absence of self-dignity.

All these things are major red flags – not preparing for any of the above points can result in an interview failure. So prepare well and give in your best!

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