Mock Interview with Body Language, Right Way, Tell Us About Yourself

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Mock Interview with Body Language

Right way

On entering the interview room,

Student: Good morning (smiling) . I am Krishna. Pleased to meet you. (Shake hands with everyone in the interview panel. If a lady is present, wait for her to extend her hand first) .

Wait for the interviewer to offer a seat. Sit only when you are asked to and say a polite “Thanks” for the same.

Say a Polite “Thanks”


  • Student is in time to the interview.
  • Greeting the interviewer in a good way.
  • Giving a firm hand shake to the interviewer.
  • From the movement you walk in to the interview room be real.

Wrong way:

On entering the interview room,

Student: Hi! Good morning. how՚re you?

Hi! Good Morning. How՚re You?


  • Student came late to the interview.
  • Greeting the interviewer in an informal way.
  • Giving a bone crushing hand shake.
  • Student sat down on the chair without asking/giving permission.

When the interviewer offers you a seat at the start of the job interview, sit upright but not too stiffly in your chair. This indicates that you are comfortable and feeling confident. Hunching down in your chair gives the impression of nervousness and low self-esteem. A sloppy posture indicates a careless attitudes and a lack of energy. Sitting on the edge of your chair can come across as being nervous and tense.

Tell Us About Yourself

I Am Pursuing B. Tech

Good Answer: I am pursuing B. Tech in computer science. The three best attributes that describe me are passionate, professional and perseverant. I have a great liking for my subject and my approach is logical rather than theoretical. I try to analyze various situations where my subjects can be applied. This is a testimonial to the fact that I have won several awards in technical quiz competitions. I am a professional when it comes to work. I have led the project team at my college. I was able to steer my team in the right direction. Our project won many accolades from the faculty. My friends appreciate my leadership abilities. I was the class representative for three consecutive years.

Body Language Observation:

  • Student is maintaining active and enthusiastic face expression.
  • Good dressing sense.
  • Looking very confident.
  • Prepare well for the interview. And answer with the relevant details for the questions asked by interviewer.
Bad Answer

Bad Answer: My name is Krishna. I am 22 years of age. I have studied B. Tech from MVIT. Hm, I completed inter in the year 2008 with 75 % . I passed SSC in 2006 with 88 % . I am a native of Amalapuram. My father is a retired bank employee. My mother is a teacher. Um, My brothers are pursuing B. tech in Hyderabad. I love sports. Ah, I won the best batsman award at college. I am a great team player and a good person. (Irrelevant details) .

Body Language Observation

  • Facial expressions are not good.
  • Avoid using verbal tics like hm, um, ah etc. while answering.
  • Bad dressing sense and arms are folded.
  • Explaining the answer with irrelevant details.

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