Mock Interview with Body Language Why Should We Hire You, What Are Your Strengths

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Why Should We Hire You?

Although I Am a Fresher

Good Answer: Although I am a fresher, I have a thirst for knowledge. I am always trying to learn something new. I would like to utilize my skills and experiences for greater good. I strive to accomplish and open to learning from my mistakes. I want to apply my competencies at my workplace and I am eager to learn work and I know that my tomorrow depends on today. I am excited about this opportunity.

Body Language Observation:

  • Use hand gestures if necessary while answering.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Sit properly in the chair.
  • Be professional during interview.
  • Show confidence, honest, your ability to work in your answers.
I Really Need this Job

Bad Answer: I really need this job. I think I am best at everything I do. I am a really hard worker, smart, intelligent, and I am a good fit for your company. I am do wonders for your company. I am simply excellent at everything (Over optimism) .

Body Language observation:

  • Do not lean backward in the chair. It leaves an impression that you are overly relaxed.
  • Avoid shaking or tapping your legs.
  • Avoid touching your face, head, nose etc.
  • Do not be casual during interview.
  • Do not maintain crossed body posture.

What Are Your Strengths?

My Greatest Strength

Good Answer: My greatest strength is to analyze the problem at hand logically and solve it rationally. This enables me to solve the problem in a very less amount of time.

Body language observation:

  • Maintain a gentle eye contact. It conveys honesty, confidence and interest.
  • If there are more than one interviewer, maintain eye contact with all the members in the panel while answering.
  • Pay attention when the interviewer is asking questions.
  • Rest your hands on your knees until you need to make a gesture.
Great Leadership

Bad Answer: Great leadership, team participation, good knowledge, flexibility etc. (you are boasting about yourself) .

Body language observation:

  • Do not stare at interviewer by largely and constantly opening your eyes.
  • Do not lean too forward on the table.
  • Do not fold your hands. It leaves a bad impression.
  • Do not tell lies with interviewer. They will identify it easily.
  • Maintain neat and professional hairstyle, neatly trimmed nails and beard.

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