Mock Interview with Body Language, What Are Your Weakness, Where Do You See Yourself in Next 5 Years

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What Are Your Weakness?

When Good Answer

Good Answer: When I was a student, I had the habit of putting off things till the last minute. But I have learnt it the hard way and I now try to complete the task in time without delaying it. (Do not pursue this answer further as it adds on to negativity) .

Body Language Observation:

  • Do not bring or switch-off the mobile phone prior to entering into the interview room.
  • Be honest and genuine in answering the questions and do not lie in answering.
I Am Extremely Dedicated to Work

Bad Answer: I am extremely dedicated to work. I sacrifice my personal life for work. I am also emotional about everything. I get very attached to the people with whom I work. (Too many negative points) .

Body Language Observation:

  • Bringing mobile phone in to interview room causes disturbance and leaves negative impression.
  • Avoid fidgeting as it signifies impatience or nervousness.
  • Do not wear jewelry during interview. Otherwise hide it.
  • Do not play with pen in your fingers/any object during interview.

Where Do You See Yourself in Next 5 Years?

I Want to Learn as Much as Possible

Good Answer: I want to learn as much as possible in this company and perform the role offered to the best of my ability. I would like to take new challenges over the time and work across varied roles that would expose me to different opportunities to learn new things. Over the time, I would like to be different opportunities to learn new things. Over the time, I would like to be technically competitive so that I can follow the path of a technical architect.

Body Language Observation:

  • Stay focused towards the interviewer.
  • Do not forget to maintain smile on your face throughout the interview.
  • But do not over smile or laugh unnecessarily.
  • Sit straight, and feet firmly on the floor.
  • Imitate your interviewer՚s positive body language to quickly build a rapport.
My Dream is to Become a Team Manager

Bad Answer: My dream is to become a team manager in five years՚ time and to get Employee stock options and a great CTC. I would like to be where you are sitting now and visit the same campus to hire freshers. (Would make the employer feel insecure) .

Body Language Observation:

  • Avoid gazing at windows or objects or some other side etc. in the interview room. It indicates a distracting mindset.
  • Appropriate eye contact shows confidence in what you are saying and who you are.
  • Crossing your arms can be interpreted, as you are defensive.
  • Avoid childish body language during the interview.

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