Mock Interview with Body Language, if I Were to Ask Your Professors to Describe You, What Would They Say

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If I Were to Ask Your Professors to Describe You, What Would They Say?

I Have Submitted White Papers

Good Answer: I have submitted white papers at a recent technical conference. These are my testimonials that prove that the paper was well received by the faculty. These are the certificates that I have won in technical quizzes. So, I would confidently say that professors evaluate me as very creative student.

Body Language Observation:

  • Enthusiastic facial expressions, little bit smile and good eye contact and using gestures etc. , plays a major role in interview success.
  • Do not get tensed during interview. Be cool why answering the questions. It is one of the important factor that leaves a good impression.
  • How you position your head also sends a message. Tilting your head very slightly to one side comes across as friendly and open. Keeping your head straight comes across as self-assured and authoritative.
My Professor Says I Am the Best in the Class

Bad Answer: My professor says I am the best in the class. He is of the opinion that I am a very hard working person and that I am generally good at everything (You are not justifying here) .

Body Language Observation:

  • Avoid interrupt or argue with the interviewer in any way.
  • Be polite and answer properly.
  • Do not maintain aggressive or angry facial expression.
  • Sometimes interviewer asks unusual questions to test your mental ability, patience etc. Do not get tensed or angry and don՚t loose your patience.

What is Your Most Notable Accomplishment?

My White Paper Being Accepted

Good Answer: My white paper being accepted at the national level technical seminar was a moment of glory for me. I was recognized not only by the faculty of my college, but also by professors from different colleges. This also raised my level of confidence for further participation.

Body language Observation:

  • Smile and nod your head at appropriate times but don՚t overdo it.
  • Be honest in every aspect of your Interview.
  • Get involved completely in the Interview.
  • Sitting position reflects your confidence levels. So sit properly in the chair.
  • Do not drag the chair or roll in the as it causes disturbance in the interview room.
Having Consistently Scored

Bad Answer: Having consistently scored 75 % throughout my academics.

Body Language Observation:

  • Crossing your legs indicates an excessive pride on one self.
  • Hence, avoid interlocking your legs, hands, fingers.
  • Do not shift a side in the chair. And do not lean back on to the chair.
  • Do not exhibit uninterested or dull facial expressions.
  • Do not look the floor or ceiling while answering or thinking during interview.
  • Do not go to Interview Breakfast/Lunch. Otherwise, your face looks so dull/pale. Choose a good breakfast.

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