Mock Interview with Body Language, What Are You Hobbies, How Can You Handle Stress

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What Are You Hobbies?

Learning New Language

Good Answer: Learning new language, reading good books, travelling and learning about new people, places and culture, writing articles, listening to soothing music, solving crossword puzzles/Sudoku, gardening etc.

Body Language Observation:

  • Maintain good dressing sense.
  • Maintain good hairstyle.
  • Avoid unnecessary makeup.
  • Try to be as much as professional in appearance and character.
  • Habituate to nod your head while listening and speaking.
My Hobbies Are Facebooking

Bad Answer: My hobbies are Face booking, connecting with friends on WhatsApp, listening to songs, riding bikes, visiting game parlors, video games, watching TV, action movies etc.

Body Language Observation:

  • Do not get over groomed.
  • Avoid tattoos or mehendi designs.
  • Do not leave the hair unordered or wet.
  • Do not point out with fingers to interviewer during the interview.
  • Do not wear more unusual jewelry like big ear rings, necklace etc.
  • donีšt be arrogant.

How Can You Handle Stress?

I Have Come Across Stressful Situation

Good Answer: I have come across stressful situation once in my course of study. We had to submit our project before the given deadline and we were lagging far behind because of some lines of code not being right. As I was leading my team, I researched on different ways in which the code could be written and I used open source references. Had I not maintained calm and peace gave me a new direction and helped me to think of different ways by which the problem could be solved?

Body Language Observation:

  • Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm while your interviewer is speaking. Making direct eye contact and learning slightly forward are two of the best cues.
  • Always be frank in answering for interview Questions.
  • Do not speak too fast. Speaking in a clear and controlled voice conveys confidence.
I Have Been Awake for Many Nights

Bad Answer: I have been awake for many nights at a go to complete studying for my exams as I would always study at the last minute. Yet you can see how well I have fared in academics. I can handle stress very easily (shows your carelessness more than your ability to handle stresses) .

Body Language Observation:

  • Avoid wearing high heels.
  • Do not bring your handbag or college bag etc. into interview room.
  • Do not over makeup, like using more cosmetics, wearing big and more number of bangles, shabby dresses etc.

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