Interview Preparation Tips (Part 14 of 20)

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The Stress Interview

The stress interview intentionally creates and promotes discomfort. The interviewer may have an abrupt or brash attitude. Alternately, the interviewer may stare, be silent, and spend time taking notes. The purpose of this type of interview is to test the candidate՚s ability to be assertive and handle difficult situations.

Besides wearing a strong anti-perspirant, you will do well to:

Remember that this is a game. It is not personal. View it as the surreal interaction that it is:

Prepare and memorize your main message before walking through the door. If you are flustered, you will better maintain clarity of mind if you do not have to wing your responses.

Even if the interviewer is rude, remain calm and tactful.

Go into the interview relaxed and rested. If you go into it feeling stressed, you will have a more difficult time keeping a cool perspective.

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