Interview Preparation Tips (Part 7 of 20)

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What to do if you don՚t hear from the employer

Before your interview ended, your interviewer should have informed you of the organization՚s follow-up procedures from whom, by what means, and when you would hear again from the organization. If the interviewer did not tell you, and you did not ask, use your follow-up/thank-you letter to ask.

If more than a week has passed beyond the date when you were told you would hear something from the employer, call or email to politely inquire about the status of the organization՚s decision-making process. Someone (or something) or an unexpected circumstance may be holding up the process. A polite inquiry shows that you are still interested in the organization and may prompt the employer to get on schedule with a response. In your inquiry, mention the following: Name of the person who interviewed you, time and place of the interview, position for which you are applying (if known) , and ask the status of your application.

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