Technical Interview Civil Engineering: Surveying and Watershed Management

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Civil Engineering


72) What are the instruments can be used for establishing perpendicular offsets with reference to a chain line?

73) What are the limitations of chain surveying?

74) What is declination and dip in compass surveying?

75) What do you understand by Normal Tension in chain surveying?

76) Name the different type of chains used in chain surveying with reference to its length and number of links?

77) How many links will be there in a metric chain?

78) What is meant by 3 – 4 – 5 technique, used in chain surveying?

79) When the optical square is used?

80) What is the least count that can be measuring by using ordinary leveling staff?

81) What is the least count that can be measuring by using bar coded leveling staff?

82) What is meant by local attraction in compass surveying?

83) State a few differences between surveyor՚s compass and prismatic compass?

84) State the factors affecting declination of a magnetic needle used in compass surveying?

85) Why the compound lens is used in telescopes? Name a few?

86) State the need of spire test used in theodolite surveying?

87) State the difference between line of sight and line of collimation?

88) What type of errors can be eliminated by repletion method of measurement of horizontal angle by a theodolite?

89) State the difference between free needle method and fast needle method of compass traversing?

90) State the need of balancing of closed traverse?

91) State the assumptions used in Bowditch ′ e method?

92) State the difference between self-reading and target staff?

93) What are the advantages of using internal focusing telescope over external focusing telescope?

94) What is the need of balancing of back sight and fore sight in leveling?

95) What is the effect of refraction, curvature, and combined effects on a measured reading on a stall when held vertical?

96) Where three point and two-point problems of plane tabling methods are applicable to the field conditions?

97) What is a total station and state its uses?

98) Where an auto level is used?

99) Up to how many seconds the auto level can get self-adjusted.

100) State the difference/comparison between photogrammetry and remote sensing?

102) Define azimuth and horizon?

103) State the difference between simsons rule and trapezoidal rule of measuring area surrounded by an irregular boundary?

Watershed Management

104) Can you define catchment area?

105) Define runoff and evapo-transpiration?

106) Name a few important and widely adopted methods of rainwater harvesting?

107) Define watershed and state its management technique?

108) Draw a few typical sketches showing a few important practices of watershed management?

109) What are the state and central government schemes/activities that are supporting watershed arrangement?

110) Define biomass and how it can used, managed to prevent from water and air pollution?

111) Define gabion structures and state its uses?

112) What are the techniques used for soil-moisture conversation in semi-arid areas?

113) Define and state the use of reservoir routing?

Engineering Drawing

114) What are the purposes of using hidden lines in engineering drawing?

115) What is the standard size of A4 designated drawing sheet as per BIS recommendation?

116) Do you know the thickness of hatching lines drawn for engineering drawing purpose?

117) What is the difference between 2nd angle and 4th angle projections?

118) State a few practical applications of parabolic curve?

119) Can you describe an epicycloid by a rough sketch?

120) What is the object formed by revolving a solid of semi-circular plate about its diameter?

121) Define isometric projection with reference to an object?

Soil Mechanics and Foundation

122) Define well gradation, uniform gradation, and gap gradation of soil?

123) Define angularity test on aggregates?

124) What is plastic limit of soil and state the size of soil used for this test?

125) At what number of blows the liquid limit value is determined by Casagrande cup tests method?

126) At what penetration of needle used to determine liquid limit value of soil by cone Penetrometer Method?

127) State why the PI value of the soil is brought down to 6, in case of soil is brought down to 6, in case of soil stabilization and embankment construction?

128) What classes of soils are susceptible to frost action in case of AASHTO method of soil classification system?

129) What is the major difference between unified soil classification system and Indian standard method of soil classification system?

130) Difference between OMC and Equilibrium moisture content?

131) State why the CBR obtained at 2.5 mm penetration will be slightly more than the CBR obtained 5.0 mm penetration, in general?

132) What is the mixing temperature range of bituminous mixes, in plant?

133) What is the minimum temperature at which compaction of the bituminous paving work should be completed?

134) At what temperature the viscosity of bitumen is determined?

135) State the advantages of using lime powder in bituminous mixes?

136) What is the Fuller՚s equation and state its significance in aggregate graduation?

137) What is the specific surface of OPC and RHPC as per IS: 269 and IS: 8041?

138) What is the minimum depth of foundation of ordinary buildings should be extended beyond the depth of cracks in black cotton soil?

139) For what purpose Mohr՚s diagrams are used?

140) Up to what depth the soil engineer must explore foe construction of road pavements, in general?

141) Where the pile foundation is restored to?

142) Where the well foundation is restored to?

Steel Structures and Construction Management

143) What are the factors contributing strength of rivet?

144) What is the maximum permissible stress in tension for power driven rivets, in general?

145) At what conditions a plate may fail?

146) What is the term used to indicate a fillet weld?

147) What is the value of pitch for rivets in case of compression members?

148) What is PERT and CPM?

149) State the significance of critical path and float in PERT?

150) Can you define cost-slope in PERT?

Fluid Mechanics

151) What is Neutron՚s law of viscosity?

152) What is the unit of kinematic viscosity in CGS system of units?

153) Mention the condition of stable equilibrium for a floating body?

154) Irrotational flow means ________?

155) Define velocity potential?

156) Define stream function?

157) State the condition for free vortex flow?

158) How mass velocity and mean velocity are related in a laminar flow through a circular pipe?

159) State the formula for the head loss due to sudden expansion?

160) What is an undistorted model?

161) Boundary layer separation takes place if

162) Drag force is expressed mathematically by ________?

163) Rate of how though venturi meter varies as ________?

164) State the expression for specific speed of a turbine?

165) What is eye of an impeller?

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