Technical Interview Civil Engineering: Water Resources Engineering

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Civil Engineering


166) Define a confined aquifer?

167) Discharge from an unconfined aquifer can be completed from the equation ________?

168) What is the difference between specific capacity and storage coefficient?

169) What is Dicken՚s formula?

170) The best unit duration of storm for a unit hydrograph is ________ basis long?

171) The recurrence interval (T) by Gumbel՚s method is given by ________?

172) State Horton՚s equation for estimating infiltration rate?

173) Name the techniques of evaporation reduction?

174) What is the difference between evapotranspiration and consumptive use?

175) What is point of inflection on a hydrograph?

Water Resources Engineering

176) What is duty?

177) Define field capacity?

178) What is the difference between base period and crop period?

179) What is the difference between infiltration and percolation?

180) Difference between single purpose and multipurpose projects?

181) Define shear friction factor?

182) What is an outlet?

183) Where canal falls are provided?

184) Name the silt regulation sheet pile becomes ineffective?

185) When an intermediate sheet pile becomes ineffective?

186) Define flexibility of a canal outlet?

187) What is a contour canal?

188) What a canal syphon is to be constructed?

189) What are river training works?

190) What is a phreatic line in an earth dam?

Water and Wastewater Engineering

191) What is protected water?

192) What are the units of turbidity in International system of units?

193) One standard unit of color in water is the color produced by.

194) What is the relationship between total hardness and alkalinity?

195) State permissible limit of sulphates in domestic water supplies is ________?

196) Efficiency of a sedimentation tank does not depend on ________?

197) State the amount of bacteria removal percentage in slow sand filters?

198) What is back washing?

199) What is sullage?

200) What is the difference between disinfection and sterilization?

201) State the water distribution methods?

202) Sewer lines are to be designed & checked for ________?

203) What is the minimum and maximum diameter of sewers adopted?

204) What is the standard shape of sewer adopted in combined sewerage system?

205) What is the density of sewerage?

206) Define BOD?

207) Define COD?

208) What is self-purification of streams?

209) Mention the systems of plumbing?

210) What is the difference between HRT & MCRT.

Hydrolic Retention time … HRT

Mean cell residence time … MCRT.

Strength of Materials

211) What is young՚s modulus?

212) State the expression for temperature stress?

213) What are elastic constants?

214) What is intensity of suddenly applied load in terms of gradually applied load?

215) Draw the bending moment diagram when there is only a couple on a simply supported beam?

216) What is point of contraflexure?

217) Mention the equation of simple bending?

218) Sketch the stress distribution (tensile/comp) and shear for an I-section?

219) What is principle of complimentary shear stresses.

220) State the equation of pure torsion?

221) Given the values of maximum and minimum principal stresses, how maximum shear stress can be computed?

222) State the formulae for noop stress and longitudinal stress?

223) What are direct and bending stresses?

224) In case of beam where the maximum deflection will occur?

225) Mention the relationship between slope and deflection of a beam and the corresponding conjugate beam?

226) Define a short column?

227) What is effective length of a column?

228) Euler՚s formula will not valid when slenderness ratio is ________?

229) What is the work done by the load on a laminated spring?

230) What is torsional rigidity?

Concrete Structures

231) Define characteristics strength of concrete?

232) What is minimum grade of concrete for RCC?

233) How effective span is computed in simply supported beams?

234) State the formulae for development length of bars.

235) Anchorage value of bonds and hocks is taken as?

236) What is the maximum spacing of bars in tension for bars?

237) What is the maximum area of compression reinforcement?

238) What is the maximum strain in concrete at the outermost compressive force from the extreme fiber in compression?

Steel Structures

241) Strength of rivets is based ________?

242) The bending stress in a rivet is ________?

243) What is the maximum pitch for rivets in case of compression members?

244) An angle section can be used as purlin when slope of the roof truss ________?

245) What is actual length of a fillet weld?

246) In a plate girder what is the area of flonge angles?

247) What is economic depth of a plate girder?

248) Mention the use of influence line diagram?

249) In simply supported roof truss the bottom chords are subjected to ________?

250) Define rotational factor?

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