Technical Interview: Computer Science and Engineering: Data Structures

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Computer Science and Engineering

Data Structures

61) What is the difference between Linear search and Binary Search?

62) Which of the two-searching algorithm of Linear and binary performs better?

63) What is the prerequisite of data in binary search?

64) In which sorting algorithms does swapping mechanism is used?

65) Study the below program and figure out which sorting mechanisms it used

Function sort (long list [] , long n)


long c, d, t,

for (c = 0; c < (n – 1) ; c ++)


for (d = 0; d < n – c – 1; d ++)


If (list [d] > list [d + 1] )


/ ⚹ Swapping ⚹ /

t = list [d] ,

list [d] = list [d + 1] ,

list [d + 1] = t,





66) Give the step by step arrangement of how below mentioned list will be sorted using ‘Selection Sort’ algorithm?

64 25 12 22 11

67) Which data structure works as FIFO and which one works as LIFO?

68) Write a pseudo code for stack using arrays?

69) What does the following function doing on a given Linked List?

void fun1 (struct node ⚹ head)


If (head = NULL)


fun1 (head ⇾ next) ,

printf ( “% d” , head ⇾ data) ,


70) Give the diagrammatic representation of “Circular List” ?

Operating Systems

71) What is Operating system and list some of its main functions?

72) A section of code which can be executed only by one process at a time is called:

73) What is Thread and What is process? Give the difference between them?

74) List some of the states of thread?

75) What problem does Mutual exclusion and Semaphores address in Operating system?

76) When does Dead lock happens? Does single thread executive give rises to deadlock situation?

77) What is Direct Memory Access?

78) What is the virtual and when it is utilized?

79) What is the purpose of scheduling algorithm?

80) Explain how Round Robin algorithm works?

81) Define bus and what is its use?

82) List some of the file attributes?

83) Where the information of all files kept in?

84) What are the common security threats of files?

85) List all the permission that files have in any operating system.

86) Explain the concept of secondary storage management in OS?

87) Which command in UNIX is used to list the directory?

88) Which command is used to create the directory in the UNIX?

89) Write a command to change the permission of a file in the UNIX?

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