Technical Interview: Computer Science and Engineering: DBMS

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Computer Science and Engineering


166) What SQL statement we use to bring all the values of table? Give example?

167) What SQL statements we use to delete and update row of table? Give example?

168) What SQL statements we use to insert a row table? Give example?

169) What statement do we use to create tables?

170) Which data type does DBMS use to store strings?

171) What is difference between varchar and varchar2?

172) Write a query to modify a column to increase its size?

Assume a table which maintains employee՚s salary.

173) Write the SQL query to bring the second highest salary, use the nested queries?

174) Write a SQL query to bring the sum of all the salary?

175) Write a query to bring the count of employees whose salary is more than 50k?

176) What is the clause used to sort the table in certain fashion?

177) Why “group by” clause is used?

178) Where does “where” and “having” clause are used?

179) How to check whether the value of the column is null or not?

180) What is the name of the key is unique and not null?

181) Define composite key and what is the criteria to form the composite keys?

182) Define foreign key and why it is used?

183) How many ways we can relate two table?

184) How many minimum tables do we need for ‘many to many’ relationship?

185) Design the tables and draw the ER diagrams to accommodate following scenarios? Each student of a class enrolled for multiple subjects; each subject is handled by multiple lecturer?

186) What is different between left join and right join?


Consider the Above Two Tables and Write a SQL Statement to Bring the Employee Name with Its Location Using the Joins?
13San Jose
8Los Angles
3Pune, India
17Chennai, India
39Bangalore, India
Consider the Above Two Tables and Write a SQL Statement to Bring the Employee Name with Its Location Using the Joins?

Consider the above two tables and write a SQL statement to bring the employee name with its location using the joins?

188) What is difference between stored procedure and function? Give the syntax to call both?

189) Define triggers?

190) What is purpose of views? Give the example SQL to create the view?

191) Why normal forms are used, Define 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th normal forms?

192) What statement is used to make transaction apply to tables? And what statement is used to abort transaction?

193) What does ACID stand for?

194) To increase performance on data retrieval, what facility of DBMS do we use?

195) What is the difference between primary and secondary indexes?

Computer Networks

196) Name the seven layers of the OSI model?

197) What are differences between WAN, LAN, MAN.

198) What is underlying protocol of HTTP protocol?

199) What is full form of HTTP protocol?

200) What is a difference between broadband ISDN and narrow band ISDN?

201) Which of the below models is the highest speed networking standard

(A) Narrowed band ISDN (B) Broadband ISDN (C) ATM

202) Define CRC, what is purpose of CRC and in which layer does CRC is used?

203) What is the uniqueness of sliding window protocol?

204) On what protocol does internet is based on?

205) Give the abbreviation of WWW?

206) What is difference between internet and intranet?

207) What is Mac address? And what is the difference between Mac address and IP address?

208) What is Routing and difference between static and dynamic routing.

209) What is Domain name system? Give some of the Domain names you aware of it?

210) SNMP protocol is used for what purpose?

Web Technologies

211) What is web server and what is client?

212) Can we consider browser as client?

213) What tags are involved in making tables in HTML?

214) To which attribute we give the URL in the FORM tag?

215) What advantages does the JavaScript brings to the web page?

216) Where does JavaScript executes? In browser or server?

217) Give me some scnarios where “document” object being used?

218) What is difference between Prompt and Alert methods in JavaScript?

219) What is XML and give the example of XML?

220) Why XML is used in web technologies?

221) Design XML for the below given scenario

A shopping shelfs, each shelf has multiple products, each product has price and manufacturing date.

222) What is the purpose of DTD and where it is mentioned DOM and XML?

223) What DOM stands for? And what is relation between DOM and XML?

224) What are two parsing mechanisms of XML?

225) How do we set and get the properties to Java bean class? Give the example java bean class?

226) What is default port of tomcat web server?

227) In which folder of tomcat do we deploy web applications?

228) Explain the life cycle of the servlet?

229) In how many ways can we track the session?

230) Write a servlet, which displays all the form attributes?

231) What is difference between Session Variable and Application Variable?

232) What are filters and when does filter gets executed?

233) What is development descriptor, what is the name given to deployment descriptor file?

234) Name the implicit Object provided by JSP?

235) What is difference between forward and redirect methods?

236) Give the syntax for JSP declaration and JSP expression?

237) How many types of statements are three in JDBC. What are they?

238) What is meant by JDBC driver and why it is used for?

239) Give the code snippet to open connection object using the JDBC?

240) Give the syntax which iterating the Result Set Object?

Software Engineering

241) What CMMI stands for?

242) Mention the different stages in SDLC?

243) Explain how water-fall model works for software development?

244) What does software requirement document consist?

245) Assume you are developing a web application for travel portal, what are the requirements you want to gather?

246) What is difference between white-box testing and black-box testing?

247) What is system testing, when does system testing can be conducted?

248) List some golden rules for designing UI?

249) What is UML? Explain some symbols which are used in UML? List some tools for drawing UML diagrams?

250) What is Use case and what is Test Case? What is difference between both?

251) List some of the risks that software systems may encounter.

Project Interview Questions

The following are some of the commonly asked interview on your project work.

1) Tell me what you learned from your project?

2) Why did you choose this project?

3) What were the objectives of the project?

4) What would happen if ________?

5) What are the limitations of your project?

6) If you were to start your project again, is there anything you would like to change?

7) What were the best features of your project?

8) Is there another explanation for your results?

9) What further research would you liked to have conducted, and why?

10) How could it help people?

11) Can it be implemented in real time?

12) Working of all individual components.

13) What is a project?

14) Name five signs that indicate your project may fail.

15) Tell us about a project in which you participated and your role in that project.

16) Tell us about any creative idea or innovative solution you brought to a project.

17) What types of tools are involved in your project?

18) What is the team size of your project?

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