Technical Interview: Mechanical Engineering: Important Questions

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Mechanical Engineering

1) What is Metrology?

2) What is difference between tolerance and allowance in manufactured component.

3) What is the current standard of length measurement as per ISO.

4) What is the current standard of time measurement as per ISO.

5) What is standardization organization for India.

6) What is a length measurement?

7) What is calibration of a instruments?

8) How is calibration verified for the measuring instrument?

9) What is the working principle of micrometer.

10) What is working principle of vernier in length measurement?

11) What is the specialty of slip gauges in length measurement?

12) What is application of micrometers and verniers.

13) What is accuracy of the measurement instrument?

14) Why different geometric tests are conducted on the machine tool?

15) What are comparator applications in geometric measurements?

16) What are various geometric features in Geometric tolerencing?

17) How is manufactured component surface specified?

18) Given 19H8g3- in this what is 19, H, 8, g, and 3?

19) What is tolerance grade IT?

20) Why tolerance grade is given to manufacturing process?

21) How is manufacturing process classified based on geometry modification?

22) Who proposed the basic theory of machining.

23) What are different methods of machining.

24) What is tool signature?

25) What is merchant cycle diagram.

26) What are different forces in the merchant cycle diagram.

27) What is Taylor՚s tool life equation.

28) What is percentage of heat distribution between tool, work piece and chip in turning operation.

29) What are different types of tool signature systems?

30) Which process aids in manufacturing a most complex geometry?

31) What is engineering?

32) What is the purpose of engineering drawing?

33) What is A4 size drawing sheet size?

34) What are standard scales designated in drawing?

35) What are written in little block of drawing sheet?

36) What are different drawing scales?

37) What are difficult types of machine drawings.

38) What is different meaning of lines in drawing?

39) Why enlarging and reading scales are used Engineering Drawing?

40) What is Representative Fraction (RF) in in Engineering Drawing?

41) What is method of projection in descriptive geometry?

42) Explain about Orthographic project, oblique, isometric, perspective projection?

43) Differentiate between first angle projection and third angle projection?

44) British and Indian Standards follow which angle of projection in Engineering Standards 1st and 3rd?

45) What is isometric scale?

47) How small screw thread is made externally?

48) How small screw thread is made internally?

49) By what alphabet letter metric thread is designated as per Bureau of Indian Standards?

50) Draw representation of internally and externally thread?

51) What is left Hand and Right-Hand thread as per drawing ________?

52) Why is ________ and fullering done in riveted joints?

53) How temperature in measured in a furnance?

54) What is temperature measuring device?

55) What is pettier and Thomson effect in temperature measurement?

56) What are mechanical properties of metal?

57) What tests of resistance to indexations?

58) Draw Stress – Strain of ductile steel?

59) Draw Stress – Strain diagram of brittle material.

60) What is true stress?

61) What are non-destructive tests for metals property?

62) What are structures in mental?

63) What is effect of cold working on metal properties?

64) What is annealing?

65) How property change in owning and cold working?

66) What are the applications of phase diagram?

67) What is age hardening?

68) What is allotropic metal?

69) Can you draw Fe – FeF3 equilibrium diagram?

70) What is steel?

71) What is mild steel?

72) What is carbon medium of high carbon steel?

73) Given a furnace equipment and raw material, can you make steel. How?

74) Why heat treatment is conducted to steel?

75) What is slag?

76) What are different heat treatment processes?

77) What is alloy steel?

78) How steel is designated as per industrial practices?

79) What are statics and dynamics in engineering?

80) What is science?

81) What is mechanics of solids?

82) What is rigid body?

83) What is difference between kinematics and kinetics?

84) What does engineer mechanics study about?

85) What is principle of transmissibility of force?

86) What is parallelogram of forces?

87) What are coplanar forces?

88) What are concurrent forces?

89) What is difference between dot and cross product between two vectors A and B?

90) What is moment of a force?

91) What is couple?

92) What is friction?

93) What is the relation between tight and slack belt drive?

94) What is significance of centroid of rigid body?

95) What is moment of Inertia?

96) What is centroid of quarter circle?

97) What are applications of Centroid in body motion?

98) What are applications of Moment of Inertia of bodies?

99) What is purpose of virtual work?

100) What is cast iron – white, malleable, gray, chilled, nodular, alloy?

101) What is drag in metal casting?

102) What is function of riser metal casting?

103) What is the function of gate in metal casting?

104) Why vents/holes are pierced in the sand mould?

105) What are various pattern allowances?

106) What is the function of facings and in metal casting?

107) Why core is used in metal casting?

108) What is a draft in metal casting?

109) How IC cylinder head manufactured?

110) What is function of sprue metal casting?

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