Technical Interview: Mechanical Engineering: Important Questions

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Mechanical Engineering

111) Why sieve analysis is conducted in sand?

112) Which type of sand withstands high temperature?

113) What is AFS in stand testing?

114) What type of sand mould testing is conducted?

115) What different types of sand molding machines?

116) What are different types of gating systems?

117) How do you calculate the cast yield?

118) What is Caine՚s principle of riser design?

119) What is the function of chills in metal casting?

120) What are various of sand-casting defect?

121) What are different types of – furnaces used in melting of metal?

122) What are different types of special casting techniques?

123) In steel factory which type of casting technique method is used?

124) What are different forces in the merchant cycle diagram?

125) What is merchant cycle diagram?

126) What are different forces in the merchant cycle diagram?

127) What is Taylor՚s tool life equation?

128) What is percentage of heat distribution between tool, work piece and chip in turning operation?

129) What process aids in manufacturing a most complex geometry?

130) What are different types of machine tool operations?

131) What are typical lathe operations?

132) What are main milling operations?

133) What are types of indexing operation?

134) What is grinding wheel specifications?

135) What is difference between honing and lapping operations?

136) How are gears machined?

137) What are desirable properties of tool materials?

138) What are different types of tool materials?

139) Can you draw different views of single point cutting tool?

140) What is cutting tool nomenclature of signature?

141) What are different types of chip formation in cutting operation?

142) How the difference in machined surface is designated as per ISO?

143) What is difference between traditional and non-traditional machining?

144) What are thermodynamics?

145) What is thermodynamics system?

146) What are the classifications of thermodynamics system?

147) State and explain Zeroth law of thermodynamics?

148) State and Explain briefly about thermodynamics cyclic process?

149) What is equal static process?

150) What is energy defined in thermodynamics?

151) What is transition energy of the process?

152) What is work?

153) Explain pdV work as path functions?

154) What are the limitations of pdV work?

155) What is flow work?

156) How much power (in watt) equals heat in Kcal/m?

157) Define specific heat?

158) Explain heat in a path function?

159) Define laws of thermodynamics – say joules expression?

160) What is corollary 1st law, 2nd law and 3rd law of thermodynamics?

161) What is adiabatic work?

162) Explain the role of 1st law OT for non-flow system, constant volume pressure, constant pressure, constant temperature, Reversible, adiabatic process, polytrophic process, irreversible process, constant internal energy process?

163) What is irreversible process?

164) Explain the 1st law of Thermodynamics for flow process and for constant volume (SSFE) ?

165) What are the limitations of 1st law of thermodynamics in practical applications?

166) What are the limitations of 1st law of thermodynamics?

167) Define and explain heat engine and its efficiency?

168) What is COP of heat pump?

169) Explain perpetual motion of a machine?

170) Define Kelvin plank statement of 2nd law of thermodynamics?

171) Define and explain Claudius statement in 2nd law of Thermodynamics – corollary one and two of law of thermodynamics?

172) What is Carnot cycle-corollary 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

173) What is entropy?

174) Explain changing of a process at (a) constant volume (b) constant pressure (c) constant temperature?

175) What form of waves does the radiation of heat occur?

176) State the difference between black, white, and grey body radiation of heat?

177) What does the Wien՚s law, Stefan՚s Botzman law and Plank՚s state about heat radiation?

178) What is Carnot and reversed Carnot air cycle applied for?

179) What is co-efficient of performance of Carnot cycle?

180) State, 1 ton of refrigeration effect consumers how much of heat energy and in terms of kW?

181) 1 kcal (heat) equals how much of ________kJ?

182) What are applications of Air refrigeration cycle P-V and T-S diagrams?

183) What type of Air cycles is used in aero – engines refrigeration?

184) Can you draw the Vapor Compression Refrigeration (T-S) cycle?

185) What are the desirable properties of Refrigerants?

186) Identify the following refrigerants chemical name – R11, R12, R22, R502, R707 and R729?

187) Can you draw the working of modern power plant: T-S diagram, H-S diagram?

188) Why reheating is used in Modern steam power plant cycle?

189) What is difference between SI and CI engines?

190) What are the Air cycles used in the study of IC (Internal Combustion) engines?

191) Can you draw P-V and T-S diagram for Carnot, petrol Engine, Diesel engineer cycles?

192) What is application of Brayton or Joule air cycle applied for?

193) What is test conducted on petrol and Diesel Engine for performance?

194) Explain the working of absorption refrigeration system?

195) Explain the role of psychometric chart in identifying air conditioning process?

196) Draw T-S plot steam saturated temperature of watt?

197) Explain the applications of steam tables? What can be found in steam tables?

198) What are the applications of Mollier diagram?

199) What are assumptions of former law of hJT solid?

200) What are the assumptions of Newton – Retchman law of H-T solid-liquid?

201) What is the Heat conduct equation through thick plank well?

202) Write the heat conduct of these 3 layers in composite wall?

203) Write heat condition theory on hollow cylinder?

204) Write heat conductor through composite cylinder?

205) In heat exchanger, plot the temperature Vs. length for counter flow and parallel flow?

206) How radiation heat transfer?

207) What is SAE or AISI number?

208) How is factor of safety designed?

209) What is the difference between kinematics and dynamics machining?

210) What are kinematics pairs?

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