Placement Papers: BEL Paper on 13th May at Bangalore

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Hai Guys.

  1. which of the following game uses bulley

  2. coupling capacitors and bypass capacitors affect Ans: Only affect the lower cut off frequencies

  3. 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, ____, …… Which among the following will not come in the series Hint: 1 − 2 − 3 − 4 − 5 − The series is like that

  4. I am not able to paste one image. Tthe question is RC coupled amplifier with a feed back network in between Collector and Base. Which type of feedback is this?

  5. Block reduction of control system (simple)

  6. settling time of Control system. Given the transfer function. I am not recollect

  7. Dual of a logical expression

  8. Particular Integral of homogenious eqn