Placement Papers: BHEL Paper Pattern

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

The exam contains 240 questions.

120 from Technical Side (60 from Electrical Engg & 60 from General Engg)

120 from Non Technical Side (35 from English, 35 from Aptitude & 50 from Maths)

Technical Paper is purly Numerical Based and contains the questions like below:

Electrical Engg paper has around

  1. 15 Questions from Electrical Machines out of this 10 numericals.

  2. 8 Numericals from Control System

  3. 4 Numericals from Instrumentation

  4. 15 Questions from Electrical Power out of this 8 numericals

  5. 8 Questions from Circuit and field theory

  6. 10 Questions from Electronics (Power & Digital) General Engg paper has around

    1. 35 Questions from mechanical engg

    2. 15 Questions from Physics

    3. 10 Questions from other general engg

Non Technical paper is very easy.

To solve this paper, speed contains an important factor. We have only 35 seconds to solve a question.

So be fast and All the Best