Placement Papers: CDAC Paper 2006 Part 1

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  1. The programming language that was designed for specifying algorithm Address ASCII ALGOL None of these options

  2. _____ contains the addresses of all the records according to the contents of the field designed as the record key. Index<____ans Subscript Array File

  3. _________ symbol is used for Processing of data. Oval Parallelogram<____ans Rectangle Diamond

  4. __________ is the analysis tool used for planning program logic Protocol None of these options PROLOG Pseudocode

  5. Machine language has two part format the first part is__________ and the second part is __________ OPCODE, OPERAND<____ans OPERAND, OPCODE DATA CODE, OPERAND OPERAND, CODEOP

  6. Language Primarily used for internet-based applications ADA C + + JAVA<____ans FORTRAN

  7. _________ is a point at which the debugger stops during program execution and awaits a further command. Memory Dump Watch point<____ans Break point None of these options

  8. ________do not contain any program logic and are ignored by the language processor. Protocol Virus Comment None of these options

  9. The component of data base management system is ________ Data definition Language Data manipulation Language Data definition Language and Data manipulation Language None of these options

  10. The quality of Algorithm is judged on the basis of_________ Time requirement Memory Requirement Accuracy of solution All of these options<____ans

  11. Advantages of using flow charts is Effective Analysis Efficient Coding Time consuming Effective Analysis and Efficient Coding<____ans Programming in C

  12. The Real constants in C can be expressed in which of the following forms Fractional form only Exponential form only ASCII form only Both Fractional and Exponential forms<____ans

  13. The program, which translates high-level program into its equivalent machine language program, is called Transformer Language processor Converter None of these options<____ans

  14. Consider the following statements. i. Multiplication associates left to right ii. Division associates left to right iii. Unary Minus associates right to left iv. Subtraction associates left to right All are true <____ans only i and ii are true all are false only iii and iv are true

  15. What will be the value of variable a in the following code? unsigned char a; a = 0xFF + 1; printf ( “%d” a); 0xFF 0 × 100 0 <____ans 0 × 0

  16. What is the output of the following program? #include void main () { printf ( “\n10! = 9: %5d” 10! = 9); } 1<____ans 0 Error None of these options

  17. #include void main () { int x = 10 (x<0); (int a = 100)? (int a = 1000); printf ( “%d” a); } Error<____ans 1000 100 None of these options

  18. Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C (), * *, * or/, + or- (), * *, *,/, +, (), * *,/, *, +, (),/or *, or + <____Ans

  19. What is the output of the following code? #include void main () { int a = 14; a + = 7; a- = 5; a * = 7; printf ( “\n%d” a); } 112<____ans 98 89 None of these options

  20. What is the output of the following code? #include

#define T t

void main () { char T = ‘T’ printf ( “\n%c\t%c\n” T, t); }


T t

T T____ans

t t