Placement Papers: DRDO Paper on 9th Mar at Hyderabad

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Hai friends This is RAMPRASAD. I am written the senior technical assistance ‘A’ on METALLURGY (Diploma Based exam on 9/03/2008). In exam most of the questions from the p. p. m, thermo dynamics, physical metallurgy, iron making, heat treatment, foundary technology, nonferrous. Less questions from fuels &refractory, steel making, welding, material testing, mechanical metallurgy.

I am written some question (I am not written total question) and answers (only some ans). Questions are asked only fundamentals. I think exam is very easy for fresher candates.


Technical questions--40 marks

Aptitude questions--10 marks

Exam paper total object type questions.


  1. pine oils are used in____ans: Frothers

  2. TTT diagram is also known as____

    1. s-curve

    2. c-curve

    3. isothermal transformation

    4. all ans: d

  3. Hyper eutectoid____ans: Perlite + cemtite

  4. In austempring process____formed ans: Bainite

  5. gun metalalloy of cu + zn + ____ans: Tin

  6. In nodular cast iron____added ans: Mg

  7. p + f = ____ans: c + 2

  8. line diffect____ans: Edge dislocation

  9. permanent mould casting____ans: Centrifugal casting

  10. higest co-ordination number____ans: h. c. p

  11. isobaric at constant____ans: Pressure

  12. when temperature and farenheit are same____ans: 40

  13. acicular structure consists like____ans: Needle like

  14. which propertite drawn into wires____ans: Ductility

  15. without this can not run the program. Ans: Operating system

  16. if train going to one station to other station, first half of the of distance at 40km/hr than next half of the distance at 60km/hr then find the avg. Speed of train____km/hr

    1. 55

    2. 50

    3. 55.2 ans: b

  17. pyrometallurgy used on which process____

    1. roasting

    2. smelting

    3. refining

  18. phosperus broze are used____

    1. bearings

  19. hot top occurs at____

    1. pigiron molds

    2. ingot molds

    3. contonuous molds

    4. ingot molds

  20. decarburizing element____

    1. c

    2. ni

    3. cr

    4. si

  21. pvr occurs at constant____

    1. temperature

    2. pressure

    3. volume

  22. increases the clay containt in the molding sand then

    1. permability increases

    2. number decreses

  23. freely available metal

    1. au&ag

    2. cu&ni