Placement Papers: DRDO Sept 2007

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hi Friends ____

There were two sections in the DRDO paper (CS)

Technical and aptitude

  1. APTITUDE: There were 50 questions in this section, questions were from simple reasoning. Or I can say that reasoning was very easy, there were verbal and non-verbal type questions. But there were also questions from English and G. K. Although it was not mention in prospect that English and G. K questions will come, Some G. K. Questions were easy like--Tank Developed by DRDO (Arjun). PRITHVI is what kind of missile (surface to surface). Mahatma Gandhi during breaking ognsalt rule move up to (Dandi) … Etc.


Questions of this section were average, not easy not tough.

questions were as I remember Mostly from Automata so prepare well Automata.

String generating ques. Were there.

  1. The class of context-free language is not closed under

    1. Concatenation

    2. Union

    3. Intersection (ans)

    4. None

  2. Which of the following sentence is generated by the production Grammer. s → aSbA A → dccA

    1. abbbd

    2. aabccd (ans)

    3. aabd

    4. ababcd

  3. Hard disk has a rotation speed of 7200RPM. Then the latency time is

    1. . 4

    2. . 6

    3. . 7

    4. . 9

C Language

some questions were from C output they were easy.

2 questions were related to Time-Complexity.

study from following books.

Computer Organization____William Stallings, Morris Mano

Theory of Computation____Aho and Ullman

Compiler Design____Ullman

Operating systems____Galvin

computer Networks____William Stallings