Placement Papers: DSRC Paper

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Information About Test

It is an online test. So u, l know results 10 mins aftr finishing t test. b4 u tak t test, they, l give a presntation abt DSRC… Watch it carefully bcoz u, ve to write somthing abt t company at t end of t test. Presntation goes on for ½ hour. Test consists of 5 sections:

Section 1: Complete the number sequence. 25 questions in 25 mins… Eg. Some five numbers will be given. u have to guess t 6th number.

Section 2: Complete the sequence with appropriate picture. 25 questions in 20 mins…e g. 4 pictures wil b given …u, ve to determine the 5th pic…u can get samples in General Knowledge books… Easy…u should face no problems

Section 3: Reasoning Test. 15 Q. 30 mins. Section 3: One paragraph… One question…4 options…15 times…u, l get t 1st few correctly… But after 7 or 8 Q, s, u, l get bored… So be patient. The answers are not difficult at all…

Section 4: Finding out error in given sentence. 10 Q, 10 mins. Eg. One sentence…4 sections are marked and u have to say which section has an error in it…

Probably the easiest of all… One incomplete sentence. u, l have to fil it up with choices given… Choices can be a single word or words.

After u finish t test, u, l have 2 fill up a questionnaire (on t computer) … Stuff lik why u want 2 pursue a career in computers, wat makes u eligibe 2 pursue a career in computers, who or what has made u t person who u r now, family background, what problem 2day in t world, troubles u t most, wat do u know abt DSRC, etc etc… Then they, l ask u

wat subj u want t interview to be on. Some topics are

VB/SQL server


SQL Server


IBM Mainframe

C + +/Java

etc etc