Placement Papers: EIL 2008 November

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I got selected along with one mechanical student. We had no written test.

I m writing the technical question that were asked to me.

Interview started with general question like “Tell me bout yourself”

question were asked to me from all important subjects like structural design, structural analysis


  1. structural analysis: I Had to draw bending moment diagram of____

    1. A cantilever with a moment at its end.

    2. A simply supported beam with a moment at mid span.

    3. A truss where i had to find member forces of each arm.

  2. structural design (RCC): He gave me the moment of a beam and asked me the procedures of design. Steel design: Why is I section choosen over channel section. Is codes like 456 and 875 are very important. They asked bout detailing and different parts of IS: 875.

  3. Foundation:

piles foundation-design of pile cap n detailing of false piles.

pile load test parameters.

not only this many more question were asked which m not able to recall now.

be prepared with training report and project that you hav undergone.

Try to be honest with ur answers n think before u speak.

EIL is a brand and they recruite very less student… So giv ur best!

I M the only student selected from civil… Beleive me its not impossible.