Placement Papers: EIL 2009 Nagpur

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Hi Friends.

This information is specifically meant for Instrumentation Students. We have a separate paper as far as Instrumentation is considered.

The paper consists of two parts.

  1. General Awareness (50 questions)

  2. Technical (150 questions) Total time: 2 hrs

Negative Marking is there____

Correct ans: 1 mark

Wrong ANS: ¼ mark is reduced.

General Awareness

Subjects to be concentrated____

  1. General English Idioms and Phrases Fill in the blanks with appropriate words based on tense

  2. Geography Sunder bans are famous for ____ Tajmahal was supposed to be built at ………… Jawaharlal Nehru Prize was awarded to …… A prize similar to Noble prize is ……… First lady President of INC is ………… Which state is abandent in Thorium?

  3. Sports

Where will OLYMPICS be held Next time?

That is all i remember about General awareness____


Subjects to be concentrated

Control systems

An expression is given and natural frequency and dampinfg ratio are to be found out:

An expression is given and we have to out whether the system is stable or not.

Process Control

The characteristic of P controller is ____

PID Controller is also called as ____

The problem with PI controller is ____

Linear Integrated Circuit

Opamps cannot be used as ____

Digital Electronics

How many Nand gates are required to implement and expression

A bubbled OR gate is a ____

A JK Flip flops with its o/p connected to i/p is a ____

Microprocessors and controllers

Which is highest priority interrupt?

A 4 Bit word is called a ____

Analytical Instruments

Industrial Instrumentation

PLC, Instruction set and its programming

Transmission lines

I have put up a few questions that i remember____ I hope it is use full to you.