Placement Papers: EIL 2009

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Hi! I am Ajay Acharya from NORTH EASTERN REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (NERIST). I wrote the EIL exam held on 15th March, 2009 (Electrical Engineering Stream) I faced the problem of “knowing the syllabus, the pattern and the type of questions that were previously asked” I was not able to find the correct guidance. So I thought I would share mine so that it would be useful for the future aspirants of EIL.

Important Information:

There were 100 questions on TECHNICAL and 50 questions on GENERAL AWARENESS.

NOTE: There are no APTITUDE questions.

? th negative marks for all the questions.

2 hours exam (No calculator allowed).

Technical Section

The questions in the Technical Section were generally from the basic concepts. You just have to be clear with the basics of the subjects. The important sections to be prepared thoroughly are:

Electrical Machines, Power System, Control System, Power Electronics, Network Theory.

Analog and Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Instrumentation and Measuring Instruments, Cables etc.

General Awareness section

In this section there were 50 questions and I remember about 30 of them. While preparing for the exam I realized that the questions that were previously posted by other students were without answers and I had to really work hard to find the answers. So here I am giving the answers of the questions which I could find, so that you don't have to waste your time searching for the answers. The questions are given below:

  1. Name the first country to impose CARBON TAX

  2. The author of the book The Elephant, the Tiger and the Cellphone-Shashi Tharoor

  3. Which dance form is called Ballet of East

  4. Where the 2012 Olympics are going to be held-London

  5. Progeon is the BPO of which company

    1. Infosys

    2. Satyam

    3. Wipro

    4. HCL

    Ans: Infosys

  6. Which prize is known as the Alternative Nobel Prize Ans: Right Livelihood Award (not sure)

  7. How many litres are equal to One barrel-159 litres

  8. Where is the OPEC headquarter located-Vienna, Austria

  9. Name the first country to legalize EUTHANASIA

  10. ANIMAX is of which channel

    1. Sony

    2. Disney

    3. Zee

    Ans: Sony

  11. P. Sainath is associated with-Journalism

  12. Golfer Vijay Singh is from which country-Fiji

  13. Dr. M. S. Swaminathan is associated with

    1. Planning Commission

    2. Sixth Pay Commission

    3. National Commission on Farmers

    4. Administrative Affairs Association

    Ans: National Commission on Farmers

  14. Name the first silent Indian movie-Raja Harishchandra

  15. Who was the first women president of Indian National Congress-Sarojini Naidu

  16. Which of the following is not in the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD Ans: Don't remember the options

  17. Who is the father of modern biology

    1. Aristotle

    2. Mendel

  18. Science Express is launched with the help of which country

    1. Germany

    2. Japan

    Ans: Germany

  19. Concur means to agree

  20. Steve Fosset is associated with-Adventure

  21. LTTE is associated with Sri Lanka

  22. Golden Arches are associated with

    1. KFC

    2. Mc Donalds

    3. Nirulas

    Ans: Mc Donalds

  23. Taj Mahal was originally set to be built in which Indian state-

    1. Rajasthan

    2. MP

    3. Orissa

    4. Maharashtra

    Ans: Maharashtra (Burhanpur)

  24. dime a dozen means extremely common and cheap

  25. way wind blows means how things are going to be

  26. e-choupal initiative was taken by ITC

  27. When is PRAVASI BHARATIYA DIWAS celebrated-9 January

  28. Two questions were on SYNONYMS and ANTONYMS.

  29. Four sentences were given and we had to detect the wrong use of the word ALLOW in one of the given sentences.

  30. Two questions on Fill in the blanks using appropriate words.