Placement Papers: EIL April 2008

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Hai, This is Naresh Gurram { B. Tech (EEE) (SBIT, Khammam, AP) } with the help of my friend M. Bhaskar here I am submitting EIL question

paper, we wrote the test on 6th April 08.

Here we are Posting the qns which we remembered. Friends prepare the basics thoroughly since the tech. Paper covered all the topics which are related to our engineering subjects like:


POWER SYSTEM (max qns).



APTITUDE (2 to 3 qns), & GEN PHYSICS (i.e.mechanical engg qns)

General knowledge & GEN ENGLISH (3 or 4 qns).

Questions: 150

Duration: 2 h

It consists of two sections

General knowledge & current affairs

Technical paper (different for different streams)

One important point is, in 2007 Eil paper, most of the qns are based on measurements & Instrumentation but in 2008, most of the qns are from

Power systems. So dont depend on one subject. The qns are simple, only 20 % qns require simple analysis. But for wrong ans ¼-ve is deducted. And the cut off is also a bit high i.e.varies from 100 − 110.


  1. First women Prime minister in the world.

  2. In the following countries which is not included in SARC?

  3. The No of judges is in the Supreme Court sit in front of main justice

  4. The % of forests in India.

  5. On which date & year Indian constitution came into force.

  6. Which state having highest costal line In India?

  7. The No of spokes in Ashoka chakra.

  8. In which state sun temple is located?

  9. In India which crop depends on mainly on rainfall?

  10. From which form government gets more Income?

  11. Which income is not shared by state govt. From central govt.

  12. The first Indian educational satellite launched by ISRO is


    2. EDUSAT



  13. In which place Indian Institute of ocean Technology is located?

    1. Mumbai

    2. Hyderabad

    3. Bangalore

    4. Chennai

  14. The fast Bowler who claims the hat trick wickets in ODI match.

  15. Who became the captain of Indian team at the youngest age?

  16. In the following which is not the function of vitamins

  17. Who got the raman megasis award?

  18. The 2006 commonwealth games are conducted in?

  19. On which matter recently Benajeer Butto appears in News?

  20. On which day we celebrate the youth day?

  21. world health day march 12/april 24/oct 15

  22. The first deputy PM of India 23 Geetanjali is written by Tagore/Rajendra Prasad/sardhar patel

  23. The famous Orissa dancer.

  24. The parliment Nityanidhi belongs to

  25. The famous Indian who spoke jai javan jai kisan


  1. The resistance of earth wire in ohm is.

  2. In which connection the distribution T/F is connected?

  3. Skin effect is proportional

  4. A 3P supply is connected in Y connected Resistance. If one of the resistors is removed then the % of reduced load is

  5. A 25MVA 3300/400V T/F is termed as per winding is

    1. primary 3300V & Secondary 400V

    2. primary 3300V & low voltage winding 400V

    3. High voltage winding 3300V & Secondary 400V

    4. High voltage winding 3300V & low voltage winding 400V

  6. T/F oil is useful for.

  7. Buchholz relay is used.

  8. Resistor switching is used in which type Circuit Breaker?

  9. Comparing to AC transmission, corona & R in DC transmission is:

  10. Form factor is the ratio of

  11. To transmit the Power which must be present?

    1. Reactance

    2. Resistance

    3. Capacitance

    4. none of above

  12. If the characteristic Impedance is equal to load Impedance then

  13. In general the conductor used in transmission system is

  14. In EHV tranm. The conductors are.

  15. The normal highest generated voltage in India is 66 From the point of economy, the voltage of transm. Is. 67 In general the insulation of conductor depends on

  16. the max. Power will be transferred if

  17. By which compensation the stability is increased

  18. Meggar is used for measuring.

  19. Moving Iron instruments are applicable with

    1. DC only

    2. AC only

    3. DC & AC

  20. Meggar is used to find the resistance in

    1. short ckt condition

    2. O/C cond

    3. at high resistance

  21. Inductance is measured by

    1. weins bridge

    2. Schering

    3. Maxwells bridge

    4. ?

  22. low resistance is measured by:

    1. resistance box

    2. Anderson bridge

    3. Kelvin-double brdg

    4. ?

  23. Induction type 1 − p wattmeter reads?

  24. The string chat is used for

  25. The string effcy in AC sys is 80% Then for same power, the string effcy in dc sys is

    1. less than 80%

    2. 80%

    3. more than 80%

    4. zero

  26. The machine with same rating, with increase in voltage then.

  27. The temperature rise in the sys, which leads to?

  28. The min. Distance from cable to foundation of Building is.

    1. 1cm

    2. 10cm

    3. 100cm

    4. 1000cm

  29. In single core cable which is not present

  30. The component which is the ore of lead.

    1. ceramic

    2. citric

  31. To absorb the lighting surges which of the following is used?

    1. Breather

    2. Conservator

    3. Horn Caps

  32. The coefficient of reflection in open ended transmission is

    1. -1

    2. 0

    3. a

    4. 1

  33. For 50KVA & 132KV base voltage base voltage, the p. u. Impedance is 0.4 ohm then for 100KVA & 132 KV base voltage then the p. u impedance is? Ohm

    1. 0.4

    2. 0.8

    3. 0.2

    4. 1.6

  34. According to underground cables

    1. stress b/w sheath & conductor is high

    2. inrush of core & conductor

  35. The corona effect is more in

    1. summer

    2. winter

    3. dry weather

    4. humidity weather

  36. One joule cycle is

  37. One Q depends on energy meter, i.e.which measures power in general (not exactly)

  38. In radial network the source is fed from

  39. In Indicating instrument some error is shown when meter is in full scale deflection, then error is

  40. The reactive power at the load end

  41. Which of the following is high speed turbine

  42. The steady state stability limit is max. When.

  43. Synchronous M/C with under excitation with reactive power absorption, acts as

  44. Q based on pettier? le. Ie whats the ratio of resistance something like.

  45. At the time of Arc extension, the arc quenching at

    1. zero vol

    2. zero current

    3. maxi vol

    4. maxi current

  46. Over excited operation of Syncr M/C is for:

  47. A 10KVA T/F having cu loss at full load is 1600W, when operated at half load the cu loss would be in W

  48. The rating of syncs gen is 75KW at 0.8 pf means

  49. One Q depends on armature reaction what is the cause of demagnetization.

  50. The skin effect is minimum when the conductor is in the shape of

  51. Damper bars used in syn gen is to?

  52. The o/p of controller is given to

  53. PID controller is used for which type of compensation

  54. One simple Q based on Root locus.

  55. The gain margin or phase margin r calculated to find the.

  56. In a 3p full converter the conducting angle b/w two diodes is

  57. To fed the Rl Load, How many components are in 1p inverter …

  58. One Simple Q on overlapping of two thyr

  59. Two more Q on Basics of PE

  60. According to Thyr wnhich of the foll is correct?