Placement Papers: IAF Electronics Communication Paper

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  1. Sampling is helpful for.

  2. Sound waves are (It came in both papers)

  3. If two identical capacitors connected parallel then effective capacitance.

  4. Wein bridge is used to measure. Ans…Frequency

  5. Which configuration has min distortion.

  6. Which of the following is not system software.

  7. Min No, of NAND gates required to realize the function AB

  8. Flip Flops mainly used for.

  9. Which is noise free.

  10. Terrestrial TV propagation System used in India

  11. Skin depth of an waveguide doesn't depend on.

  12. Transformer rating expressed in

  13. Electrical energy can be measured using.

  14. An ideal opamp has. Ans. Infinite B. W

  15. Restivity range of semiconductor.

  16. They give modulation index, carrier power ask us to find total power.

  17. In JFET if Vds increased what happen to Ids.

  18. They give some freq and ask us to find Image Freq?

  19. In an Unbiased semiconductor the current is zero because of.

  20. If BJT is in Cutoff region

  21. Decibel used to measure

  22. In RC coupling the value of C should be high because.

  23. An ideal voltage source charges capacitor in

  24. They give Vmax and Vmin and ask us to find modulation index?

  25. A voltage source of 5v with internal resistance 2 ohm can transfer max power to load when the value of load resistance is

  26. One question electric motor. While switching on motor load should be present. If not what will happen. Some thing like this. I didn't remember exactly.

  27. Polarization in a dielectric is given by