Placement Papers: ISRO Interview Pattern on 7th Jun at Chennai

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Hello Friends, I have been called for interview in Chennai after shortlisted in written exam. My branch is CSE. There were 8 − 9 members in the interview pannel.

After verification of the original certificates the TA will be given to each candidate. My turn was 9th as they were calling according to their rank in written exam.

I entered into the room when my turned, they politely told me to have seat. The chief of member asked me whats your favorite subjects. I told networking, Operating system and software engineering. While i told C they told its not a subject its a language.

One of the member started to ask question from Software Engineering. Questions were like this____

  1. Tell me any one of the life cycle model

  2. Give details of the phases in the life cycle model

  3. What is cost estimation, Tell me any one. I discussed about COCOMO model while he asked about this model They asked the formula which is related to the cost estimation.

  4. What is verification and validation etc.

And Many more questions they asked____

Final question was what is fibonacci series and its application write on the white board.

They didn, t ask any question from project however from other students they have asked question from project.