Placement Papers: ISRO Paper 2007

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The root directory of disk should be placed at___

DNS is basically used to ____

one more ques on DNS

abt TCP and UDP

TCP, s which layer is there for the OSI, s first three layers.

Multiprocessing models have____

  1. symmetric

  2. unsymmetric models

  3. none of the above

  4. both BCDhave binary nos in

    1. bis

    2. bytes

    3. nibble

    Top-down parser ____

    1. leftmost derivation

    2. rightmost derivation

    3. leftmost derivation in reverse

    4. rightmost derivation in reverse

    Loop which avoids check at every iteration

    1. loop controlling

    2. loop jamming

one tree was given and some expressions were there and we have to find the correct postfix exprn

abt logic gates

worst case of Shell sort

sine wave can be split into

  1. set of sine waves

  2. set of sine waves with phase zero

Full binary tree with n vertices has how many leaf nodes somethng like this…

Complete graph with n vertices and somethng

in a cyclic graph with n vertices how many minimum edges

  1. n

  2. n/2…