Placement Papers: NFL Paper 2004

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National Fertilizers Ltd 2004 Paper

nfl pattern &quetions, computer

National fertilizers limited exam

For management trainee


Time 2: 00hrs

Pattern: Aptitude + technical

50% 50%

aptitude: Vocabulary english + verbal, nonverbal reasoning + quantative

technical: c, oops, operating system, compiler, dbms, network, computer graphics, compuiter organisation in this exam 170 questions & time allotted for this exam only 2: 00hrs/120min negative marking in this exam: On 1 wrong ans 0.5 mark will be deducted right ans contain 1 mark

some confirm question on this exam:

[1] the process of transforming 1 bit pattern into another is called a masking b bitting c prunning d chopping

[2] lint is a compiler b a interactive debugger c a cinterpreter d a tool for analysing c + + program

[3] header files used in c programs usually found in a/bin/include b/usr/bin/include c/dev/include d/usr/include

[4] dijstra banking algorithm used in the problem a dead lock avoidance b deadlock recovery c mutual exclusion d none

[5] which is following service is not supported by operating system a compilation b accounting protection d i/o operation

[6]which is the following sheduling policy is suited in time sharing o/s a sjf b fcfs c round robin d none

[7] a top down parser genrates a left most derivation b right most derivation c right most derivation in reverse

[8] a bottom up parser genrates a left most derivation b right most derivation c right most derivation in reverse

[9] which is the following symbol table implementation is based on principal of locality of referencea linear list b searchtree c hash table d self organisation list

[10] let * be a boolean operation defined by a a * b = a * b + a, b, then a * a a A b B c 0 d 1

[11]the number column in a state table for a sequential circuit with m flip flops and n inputs a m + n b m + 2n c 2m + n d 2m + 2n

[12] the minimum time delay between the initiation of two memory operations a access time b cycle time c transfer rate d latency time

[13] the way a card player game arranges his cards as he picks them up one by onea bubble sort b insertion c selection d merge sort

[14] phenomenon of having a continuous glow of a beam on the screen even aftera removed a called a a flouresence b persistence c phospherence d incadence

[15] which display device is suited for cad system a a crt with vector referesh monitor b crt with raster scan monitor

c plasma panel display d led display

[16] the basic elements of a picture in volume graphics a pixel b voxel c volsel d none

[17] which of the following system resides in memory always a text editor b assembler c linker d loader

[18] for a weak entity set to be meaningful it must be a part of a one to many relationship b one to one c many to many d none

[19] c front is a a is front end of a c compiler b is preprocessor of a ccompiler c translates a c + + code to its equivalent code d none

[20] files in a structure of ac + + are by default a public b private c protected d none

[21] end to end connectivity is provided from host to host in a the network layer b the transport layer c the session layer d data

link layer

[22] how many characters persec (7bit + 1) can be transmitted per over a 2400 bps line in the transfer is synchronous

a 300 b 240 c 275 d 250

[23] which is the following is more closely related to the physical communication facilities

  1. application

  2. session

  3. networkn

  4. datalink

Aptitude Quantative Questions

1. Partnership

2. Time and work

3. Average

4. Arithmatic

5. Boat

6. Profit & loss

7. Ratio

8. Si & ci

Verbal Questions

  • analogy
  • sequnce arrangement
  • puzzle
  • direction sence
  • calender
  • ven diagram