Placement Papers: NTPC Sample Paper 2007 at Udaipur

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Technical test was not so tough (Instrumentation Stream) If U prepare 2to 3 weeks sincerely U can attempt 90% of portion

Paper will consist of 120 technical questions. It covers Analog, Digital, Control, Process control, Electronic Meaurement and Industrial Measurement

Qus Principle of Optical Fiber: Total Internal reflection

2 Anticipatory controllers are; Derivative

  1. One question is on Final Value theory

3 Routh Stability defines: Poles on the left/right/____

5 S5 + s4 + ____: How many roots find out

6 System is Marginally stable When root lies on

7 One 2 question on K-Map

8 9, s complement of 19

9 encoders and Decoders are different: No of Active lines

10 Flashing Memory is

11 Find out Hexadecimal code of

12 Input Impedance of CRO is

13 Casacading of an Low pass and high pass filter will give: Notch filter

14 Pitot tube is used to measure

15 Why FET is used in Electronic Voltmeter

16 Data Acqsition System Comprise of Blocks: Transducers, A/d conveter, sensors____

17 Some quetion on General Engineering

18 Ph changes from 5 to 7 Hydrogen Ion concentration will increase/decrease____

19 2 Questions on feedforward control

rest 50 questions of Aptitute____