Placement Papers: onGC 2008

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PLACE: Mumbai

BRANCH: Electronics

Duration: 3 hours

There are two sections: General Awareness and Subject Specialization. The test is of objective type except for thw descriptive one.

There are 50 qts in General Awareness section out of 40 needs to be attempted. Each qt carries 1 mark. 2 are of descriptive type. Each of 5 marks. So total comes to (40 × 1) + (5 × 2) = 50.

Same is the case with other section i.e., Subject Specialization. In this section there are 75 qts out of which only 60 needs to be attempted. Each qt carries 1.5 mark. 2 again are of descriptive type. Each of 5 mark. So total comes to (60 × 1.5) + (5 × 2) = 100.

I am writing some of the qts I remember.

General Awareness section:

  1. how many judges are there in judicial system?

  2. in 1919, which movement took place?

    1. Dandi March

    2. Chauri Chaura movement

    3. Lathi charge

    4. Partition of W. Bengal

  3. Which two continents are mirror images of each other?

  4. Which of the foll. Continents are arranged in descending order of their areas?

  5. If a country is 12 hours GMT ahead of the other, then it must be situated at?

  6. If a circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side 2v3 units, then radius of the circle is?

  7. There was a graph of area vs. Productivity & related to it was asked Production was high in 1979 & 1985 bcoz of?

  8. India can increase production if?

  9. The new compost in India is?

  10. The non-conventional sorce of energy out of the foll. Is?

  11. Gupta empire declined bcoz?

  12. If a judge has to resign, he should give his application to?

  13. The judges are elected by the consent of President &

  14. The responsibility of elections is on?


How should India conserve energy?

If you get selected in ONGC, what steps will you take to conserve energy?

Subjective type (Electronics):

  1. Which of the foll instrument can be used for both ac & dc?

  2. Which instrument is used to measure losses?

  3. Sums on power gain

  4. Sums on networks

  5. If no. Of turns of inductance doubles, then its value?

  6. Sums on directivity

  7. The distance between dipole & reflector is?

  8. The basic parameters of transmission line are?

  9. Sums on IF

  10. How many lines are there in television?

  11. Punch card has how many rows & columns?

  12. In a transistor which region is heavily doped?

  13. Sums on DD

  14. In CRO, which button is used to lessen the magnitude of beam current?

Descriptive Questions

WLAN concept

CDMA concept

ALL THE BEST GUYS! U have to study a lot for ONGC exams bcoz it is one of the toughest paper. One cannot just go & sit for the exam w/o studying. Bcoz its useless. Study hard. Read al history, economics, current affairs, geography & basic of maths. & for subjective u shud know basics of all electronics related subjects like Fibre optics, Instrumentation, ECAD, Networks, Telecommunication, etc.