Placement Papers: TIL Paper on 19th Dec at West Bengal

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Hi Friends, I am Prasenjit, got job in TIL last week on 30th March, 2007. I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering student from Academy of Technology, West Bengal. On 19th December, 2006 TIL came into our College; it was a pooled campus interview. All of them are Mechanical engineering students except 5 from Electrical and 5 from Electronics.

Two rounds are there, these are not Elimination rounds.

At first there was a 30 − 45 minutes PPT which was very very interested and interactive. Probably the best PPT I have attended.

Group Discussion

The GD topics are quite easy at all. They are looking for better points you are adding to the topic and for each new points they are giving marks, marks are also given for good communication skills and positive behavior. Our GD topic was: As a subject whether History has any impact on modern civilization or not. Some other GD topics of other groups were reservation, Impact of Science on modern civilization etc.

Technical Interview

The interviewers were very friendly and cool. For mechanical students they asked question from their subject knowledge and also some questions on their Project or industrial training and some very common HR questions and they were interested to read all the information given by you In your CV very carefully so be cautious and confident about all the major and minor things of your rsum. The interviews were about minimum 20min. And maximum 35min. My interview questions were

  1. Tell me something about yourself and your family?

  2. Where your Father works?

  3. What do you know about Thyristor?

  4. What do you know about 6-line Thyristor?

  5. What is the modulation process?

  6. What do you know about Telemetry System?

  7. Your Strengths?

  8. Some questions on Project and Training.

  9. Do you have any questions?

  10. The interview was ok, at least I was satisfied. The add the numbers of GD and Interview And keep the information to them. Completing all the campus interview all over INDIA After 3months they finally selected 3 persons from our College for final interview in their Head office at Taratala, Kolkata on 23rd March, 2007.

Final Interview

Three top most personals were in the Interview panel, they were very interesting, very friendly persons, you are bound like them. Probably 60 students from all over India from Jadavpur, Durgapur NIT, Sikim-Manipal University, Delhi and Orissa and WBUT (west Bengal) were selected. For mechanical and Electrical Students the interviews were Technical + HR and for us it was only HR. The questions ar

  1. Tell me about your family background, father's occupation and other persons Occupation of your family

  2. You have above 80% marks in SSC, + 2 and Engineering and also qualified in GATE-2007, then why you are not interested in further study?

  3. As an Electronics Engineer why you want to join TIL?

  4. How many interviews you have faced earlier?

  5. Do you have any Questions?