Information About Company: Aditi Company Details

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Aditi offers a unique mix of stimulating work environment, continuous growth avenues, and a competitive benefits package.

Company Growth and Potential

Since its inception in 1994, Aditi has had a consistent track record of profitability and success. Aditi is focused on providing technology solutions for global enterprises, a high potential area that leverages Aditi's strengths in emerging technologies. Based out of Bangalore, India and Seattle, US, Aditi offers career opportunities in India and overseas.

Focus on Emerging Technologies

Aditi engineers are able to continually add to their skill set. Relationships with companies who are at the forefront of technology provide our engineers with exposure to world-class development practices and emerging technologies. Aditi also has a dedicated research division-Aditi Labs-that works entirely on emerging technology areas and has some of the best brains in the country working on it.

People Above All Else

Aditi focuses on individual career planning and provides unmatched flexibility and options to grow in project management or pure technology development. It gives you the freedom to define your own growth paths and roles. Aditi rewards individual excellence within a team framework and encourages new ideas.

The Aditi Way of Life

Aditi is an intense, creative, ethical, people-driven and socially conscious company. Aditi fosters a creative work ethos that is unique in many ways. We are passionate about what we do and are uncompromising on our ethics and values. We offer flexible work schedules that allow people to work at their highest productivity levels. To excel in a highly charged schedule driven environment, the fun element in work is critical and people are encouraged to plan and organize fun activities such as TGIFs, music bands, sports, picnics and dinners.

Compensation & Benefits

Our compensation packages are tailored to encourage long-term retention and include insurance, loans, travel and other incentives. Performance reviews are undertaken semi-annually, and salary increases are determined through a professional analysis of market trends. Every employee receives stock when joining Aditi, and exceptional employees are eligible for renewal grants.

Aditi offers a comprehensive benefits program tailored to meet employee needs. Depending on the location, the benefits program includes:

  • Stock Options
  • Paid Vacation
  • Loans
  • Medical Insurance for employee and family
  • Dental Insurance for employee and family
  • Vision Insurance for employee and family
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Club Membership
  • Credit Union Membership
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Education Grant
  • Salary Advances
  • Green Card Processing
  • 401K Plan

Talent Development

Aditi has a very strong in-house Talent Development Center based in India. We value the development of each employee and impart world-class training that focuses on technical skills as well as interpersonal skills. Talent Development holds training programs that include extended sessions on leadership, recruitment, performance management, and team building exercises.

We provide our employees the best value in leading-edge training and education solutions with the primary objective of developing a world class work force.

We have a dedicated facility for training with 10 classrooms meeting international standards

Our training facility includes: a 24-hour lab, with world-class systems that provide unlimited Internet access with a dedicated 1.2 MBPS redundant connection. Our library has a large repository of books to aid in enhancing technical and soft skills. Our Computer Based Training (CBT) library carries over a hundred CBTs on varied technical topics and facilitates participant driven learning. We also have Intranet based technical and behavioral learning modules developed in-house.

Training for Campus Recruits

The goal of our new-hire training program is to ensure a strong foundation for all engineers coming into Aditi. The focus of training is on coding, trouble shooting, written and verbal communication, and presentation skills