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Cisco is unlike most companies you've worked for or even read about. We do not focus on narrow markets. We focus on creating solutions that offer our customers a tremendous competitive advantage. That takes talented, innovative, and creative people.

At Cisco, we have a big mission: We're shaping the future of the Internet. We're creating unprecedented value and opportunity for everyone we touch. In each corner of the world, all segments of business, and every area of high technology, we're leading the way. CBS News writes:

“Cisco is best positioned to be the eminent supplier of equipment during the Internet Revolution's next five years.”

While many companies stifle enthusiasm with a long set of rules, Cisco has a short list of guidelines designed to inspire ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. Simply put, Cisco creates opportunities and solutions for our customers. As our Chairman, John Morgridge, has said:

“Our customers have truly become our partners. We are proud to help them achieve success, and we'll always remember that their insights have driven our business.”

This begins with every employee. At every turn, employees are empowered to discover and develop new solutions. We strive to achieve this goal in product development, selling complete business solutions, after-sale customer care, and across all of our business units and functions.

We rely on teamwork--a collaborative environment that thrives on working across geographical and organizational boundaries, sharing information and finding new and better ways to support each other and our customers.

We give back to our community. Just as every employee is empowered within Cisco, we contribute to the empowerment of our surrounding and global communities to help people lead rich and rewarding lives. Through education, technology and charitable giving initiatives, Cisco and its employees have taken great strides to help others in need.

In short, we focus on people-employees, customers, and ecosystem partners-to help us continue to be the fastest-growing company in history and the best place to work in the world.

Cisco in India

With development centers in Chennai and Bangalore, India is one of Cisco's fastest growing regions. We are now the main software application and appliance development center for Cisco and are leading the way in network management applications.

If you thrive in a fast-paced, employee-empowered atmosphere, then discover all that's possible for your career at Cisco.