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Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) enables companies to create greater value from their customer relationships through the application of our billing solutions and interactive customer care. Fully integrated, multi-channel customer contact centers and state-of-the-art data centers support all of our solutions. We offer a “high-tech, human-touch” approach that combines skilled customer service representatives with advanced customer and information management technologies.

Who We Serve

Convergys enables leading industry service providers, such as AT&T, Compaq, hpshopping. Com, Palm Computing, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Sprint, Toys ‘R’ Us, Deutsche Telekom and Telewest Communications, to maximize the value inherent in each customer relationship.

Convergys by the Numbers

Our long-standing leadership position is reflected in the unparalleled capabilities we bring to our clients, including:

Fielding more than 1.2 million telephone and Internet-based contacts every day on behalf of our clients through 40, 000 toll-free numbers and 24, 000 Web-enabled workstations across such diverse markets as wireless, cable and broadband, Internet, financial services, technology, and employee care

Processing more than 50 billion wireless call detail records per year in Convergys data centers

Providing billing for video clients representing contracts for 34 million subscribers worldwide

Processing cable telephony bills for more than 2 million access lines around the world

Creating massively scalable software platforms that collect, rate, and consolidate diverse and complex data streams

Transforming customer data into strategic insight that helps clients build and maintain strong, long-term customer relationships

Developing employee skills and knowledge to continually provide clients with forward-thinking responses and anticipative solutions.


Our company fosters an environment that attracts, develops and rewards highly effective people. Convergys is continually recognized as one of the best companies to work for:

Although many companies make similar statements to their employees, Convergys makes a commitment to making this vision a reality. We commit through our focus on:

Technology: We work with, or are supported by, the latest computer and telecommunications technologies.

Atmosphere: We work in an exciting and enjoyable team-based environment. Most of us wear business-casual dress.

Personal Growth: We have dedicated resources to help you develop a wide variety of skills and knowledge. From an organizational level to an individual level, significant learning and development opportunities abound. Employees have unusual flexibility and options for advancement, with numerous and varied career paths.

Benefits: We offer competitive salaries (commensurate with experience), flexible benefits, bonuses and other incentives.

Values: We operate with these values in mind:

  • Unparalleled client satisfaction
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for the individual
  • Diversity
  • Shareowner's trust
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Integrity

Mission: Provide Customer Care and Billing software and services that add value to the relationships between our clients and their customers.