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Technical center India (TCI) is a part of Delphi's global competency that links its engineering structure and resources around the globe. The Bangalore centre complements Delphi's strong manufacturing base in the Asia Pacific region. Delphi also has technical centers in Japan, Korea and Singapore in the Asia Pacific region. The center operates as a node on Delphi's global network, enabling virtual program teams to support customer programs around the world. For example, the software developed at TCI, Bangalore, for a piece of engine control hardware designed in America might be manufactured in Singapore and sold to a customer in Korea.

Divisions represented at the center include Delphi Electronics & Safety, Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems, Delphi Thermal Systems, Delphi Steering Systems and Delphi Research and Development.

Technical Capabilities

Technical Center India is second largest software development facility of Delphi. TCI, works at the cutting edge of Embedded Software for electronic control systems such as petrol and diesel engine controllers, antilock brakes, radios, instrument clusters, mobile multimedia, forewarn systems, remote keyless entry and air control systems. Software competency at this center is complemented with the development of additional skill sets that include systems development, mechanical analysis, electrical analysis, manufacturing test software development and Medical electronics. The Center also plays a critical role in providing embedded software systems for many of Delphi's fastest growing product lines such as diesel common rail engine management systems and advanced mobile multimedia systems.

TCI, has the largest Mechanical analysis group in Delphi. The Mechanical Engineering and Analysis (MEA) Competency performs a wide variety of engineering analysis like Stress, Vibration and Dynamics, Injection Mold flow and Thermal Analysis to assist in the mechanical design of components and systems.

Several types of structural analysis for products such as plastic snaps, circuit board deflection, and solder joints can be performed. The analysis tools can analyze a given boundary value problem, where a part is subjected to certain constraints and loaded, for various parameters of interest such as displacements, stresses and strains.

The Mechanical Analysis Team at TCI is now an integral part of Product Design Process of Delphi. To complement our analysis work, we have established LAB with test equipments like Vibration Shaker, Microscope, Thermal Chamber, Thermal Imaging camera, Strain gauge system, UTM and perform tests for compliance with Product Reliability specifications.

Electrical Design and Analysis (EDA) competency is involved in development, analysis and simulation of electrical models for components, circuit and systems apart from developing/deploying analysis tools and techniques for various product lines. These are used by product line Electrical Engineers during Product development. Our Electrical Analysis team at TCI is integral part of Delphi's global EDA group.

Fuel Handling Product Engineering competency is involved in Design and Development of Fuel Pump Modules for two wheelers and four wheelers, for Indian and Global automotive applications. This competency is also responsible for Re-engineering and Competitive Analysis of Fuel Pump Modules. In addition they also perform testing and validation of products to ensure life and reliability. Delphi ensures a higher degree of support and customer satisfaction by having a closer proximity to the Indian and Asia Pacific Automotive customers.

TCI has ongoing research tie-ups with Indian Institute of Science in the areas of Mechanical Analysis, DSP etc. TCI also has tie-ups with selected few institutions for student projects in Wireless (DSP, Speech recognition), web based technology applications and Business process workflow areas.

Considering the ever increasing demand for innovation and continual improvement, TCI is aggressively pursuing opportunities in Powertrain Mount applications, Gas and Diesel EMS applications, ABS applications, Electromagnetic Analysis and CAD/CAM/CAE are a few to mention. The state-of-the-art center is expected to contribute over US$25 million to the region's economy.