Information About Company: I-Flex Solutions

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i-flex® solutions (Reuters: IFLX. BO & IFLX. NS) is a world leader in providing IT solutions to the financial services industry. i-flex has serviced over 500 customers customers in more than 105 countries. i-flex's range of products and customized services enable financial institutions to cut costs, respond rapidly to market needs, enhance customer service levels and mitigate risk.

i-flex has over 3, 900 employees operating from 11 development centers across India, Singapore and the USA. The company has a strong global reach with a sales, marketing and support presence covering 22 overseas location with 4 subsidiaries (i-flex solutions inc. In the USA, i-flex solutions b. v in the Netherlands, i-flex solutions pte. Ltd. In Singapore and SuperSolutions Corporation in the USA). In addition, i-flex is represented in over 50 countries through 25 corporate business partners. i-flex also has strong alliance and/or implementation relationships with industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Oracle.

Grow with Us

Growth in your professional career and in your personal life is important for us at i-flex. A well-defined competency based Performance Management System, Career Management practice, Training & Development, Reward and Recognition programs, Knowledge Forums and Mentorship Programs are among some of the employee support systems that would mould you into a consummate leader and professional.

Why I-Flex

life at iflex is a mantra and a way of belonging. We are committed to building a strong, competitive workforce that makes the most of freedom, challenges and team spirit.

Just a few reasons why i-flex is a great place to be in …

Opportunity to grow: With an open environment, a planned career path and a stimulating work culture; i-flex has just the right formula for success.

Work alongside the best: We believe in hiring the best talent for the financial services industry. Exciting opportunities are at your asking for your professional development and will help make your mark in the demanding industry.

World-class company with a world-beating product-where FLEXCUBE has now been ranked as the world No. 1. As a leading player in our focused domain, i-flex's success can be attributed to investment in people and technology. We have provided IT solutions to more than 400 financial institutions in over 93 countries. Our flagship product FLEXCUBE has been ranked the No. 1 selling Universal Banking Solution in the world by International Banking Systems (IBS).

Offices that span the world: Powered by the quest to reach out to its customers, i-flex is expanding globally with new offices and subsidiaries in the United States, The Netherlands and Singapore. This new presence will bring i-flex's expertise and associates in close contact with customers to provide specialized services.

Benefits that make you an integral part of a family: People are our value. We go to any extent to prove this. From basic benefits and allowances, to flexi-working hours, to salaries and stocks options, to bonuses and medical programs, we reward i-flexers for their commendable effort.